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Point of Interest (Location) - Roaches HQ

Go to coordinates X:12063, Y:11326

Point of Interest (Location) - Ski Resort

Go to coordinates X:24574, Y:14786

Point of Interest (Location) - Snow Peak base jump

Go to coordinates X:20546, Y:11828

Point of Interest (Location) - Three Kings Hotel

Go to coordinates X:3709, Y:31482

Point of Interest (Location) - Tropical Peak base jump

Go to coordinates X:29197, Y:28065

Point of Interest (Location) - Ular Boys HQ

Go to coordinates X:17166, Y:17225

Point of Interest (Location) - Gas station, two upgrades

Go to coordinates X:7041, Y:23175

Point of Interest (Location) - Karl Blaine's House

Go to coordinates X:17276, Y:14343

Point of Interest (Location) - Panau Capital City

Go to coordinates X:3741, Y:15786

Point of Interest (Location) - Panau Casino

Go to coordinates X:18565, Y:17755

Point of Interest (Location) - Panau International Airport

Go to coordinates X:9748, Y:12798

Point of Interest (Location) - Reapers HQ

Go to coordinates X:17604, Y:12909

Point of Interest (Military Vehicle) - URGA-9380

Go to coordinates X:22287, Y:23474

Point of Interest (Location) - Cape Carnival Rocket base

Go to coordinates X:30172, Y:14068

Point of Interest (Location) - Canyon Leap stunt jump

Go to coordinates X:1382, Y:23748

Point of Interest (Location) - Desert Peak base jump

Go to coordinates X:8082, Y:28454

Point of Interest (Location) - Gambler's Den

Go to coordinates X:8646, Y:23133

Point of Interest (Location) - Gas station

Go to coordinates X:17677, Y:26023

Point of Interest (Military Vehicle) - Fengding EC14FD2

Go to coordinates X:17598, Y:12914

Point of Interest (Military Vehicle) - Fengding EC2 Lift

Go to coordinates X:7477, Y:23844

Point of Interest (Military Vehicle) - GV-104 Razorback

Go to coordinates X:9203, Y:28114

Point of Interest (Military Vehicle) - MV V880

Go to coordinates X:9203, Y:28114

Point of Interest (Military Vehicle) - SV-1003 Raider

Go to coordinates X:9203, Y:28114

Point of Interest (Military Vehicle) - SV-1007 Stonewall

Go to coordinates X:22389, Y:23361

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Stinger Dunebug 84

Go to coordinates X:7209, Y:25965

Point of Interest (Helicopter) - AH-33 Topachula

Go to coordinates X:5789, Y:24985

Point of Interest (Helicopter) - Mullen Skeeter Hawk

Go to coordinates X:3557, Y:15293

Point of Interest (Helicopter) - Rowlinson K22

Go to coordinates X:8255 Y:28300, X:5900 Y:13663, X:15884 Y:4287

Point of Interest (Helicopter) - Sivirkin 15 Havoc

Go to coordinates X:30222, Y:27584

Point of Interest (Helicopter) - UH-10 Chippewa

Go to coordinates X:16941, Y:9137

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Dongtai A-B Century

Go to coordinates X:19106, Y:25870

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Dongtai Agriboss 9000

Go to coordinates X:19106, Y:25870

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Hamaya Oldman

Go to coordinates X:9353, Y:10135

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Niseco Tusker G216

Go to coordinates X:11976, Y:4312

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Pocumtuck Nomad

Go to coordinates X:26483, Y:28770

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Saas PP30 Ox

Go to coordinates X:6566 Y:25704, X:22217 Y:23296

Point of Interest (Boat) - Trat Tang-mo

Go to coordinates X:19052, Y:26063

Point of Interest (Boat) - YP-107 Phoenix

Go to coordinates X:16933, Y:17430

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Boyd Fireflame 544

Go to coordinates X:4345, Y:15528

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Chevalier Piazza IX

Go to coordinates X:3503, Y:12413

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Chevalier Traveller SC

Go to coordinates X:8258, Y:28309

Point of Interest (Car & Truck) - Columbi Excelcior

Go to coordinates X:24378, Y:14789

Point of Interest (Boat) - MTA Powerrun 77

Go to coordinates X:20656, Y:31047

Point of Interest (Boat) - Orque Grandois 21TT

Go to coordinates X:24478, Y:30435

Point of Interest (Boat) - Orque Living 42T

Go to coordinates X:24625 Y:26569, X:24753 Y:27199

Point of Interest (Boat) - Pattani Gluay Pro 2

Go to coordinates X:8228, Y:23031

Point of Interest (Boat) - Pattani Gluay Touring

Go to coordinates X:8241, Y:23037

Point of Interest (Boat) - SnakeHead T20

Go to coordinates X:17165, Y:14340

Point of Interest (ATV and Motorcycle) - Shimuzu Tracline ATV

Go to coordinates X:6940, Y:26060

Point of Interest (Boat) - Frisco Catshark S-38

Go to coordinates X:17398, Y:4140

Point of Interest (Boat) - Kuang Adventure

Go to coordinates X:25450, Y:6190

Point of Interest (Boat) - Kuang Homestead

Go to coordinates X:25450, Y:6190

Point of Interest (Boat) - Kuang Sunrise

Go to coordinates X:25450, Y:6190

Point of Interest (Boat) - Kuang Sunset

Go to coordinates X:25450, Y:6190

Point of Interest (Aircraft) - Cassius 192

Go to coordinates X:25757 Y:19955, X:29624 Y:11453

Point of Interest (Aircraft) - Peek Airhawk 225

Go to coordinates X:9499 Y:5717, X:6569 Y:25971

Point of Interest (ATV and Motorcycle) - Makoto MZ 250 Motorcycle

Go to coordinates X:20401, Y:24964

Point of Interest (ATV and Motorcycle) - Makoto MZ 260X Motorcycle

Go to coordinates X:8252, Y:28309

Point of Interest (ATV and Motorcycle) - Mosca 125 Performance Scooter

Go to coordinates X:14751, Y:25692

Point of Interest (ATV and Motorcycle) - Shimuzu ATV55T ATV

Go to coordinates X:17713, Y:26000

Point of Interest (Sightseeing) - Large satellite dish

Go to coordinates X:23440, Y:17420

Point of Interest (Sightseeing) - Racetrack with sports cars

Go to coordinates X:9170, Y:11413

Point of Interest (Sightseeing) - Rice farming terrace

Go to coordinates X:25363, Y:16810

Point of Interest (Sightseeing) - Skull island

Go to coordinates X:14834, Y:17323

Point of Interest (Sightseeing) - Surprised smiley emoticon landscape

Go to coordinates X:29110, Y:7392

Point of Interest (Sightseeing) - Underwater lamp post

Go to coordinates X:13629, Y:29499

Point of Interest (Item) - Upgrade at mansion porch

Go to coordinates X:20172, Y:27689

Point of Interest (Item) - Upgrades near runway and lighthouse

Go to coordinates X:17313, Y:25610

Point of Interest (Item) - Upgrades at the top of the four smaller towers and the main larger tower

Go to coordinates X:2297, Y:2212

Point of Interest (Sightseeing) - Beach chalet

Go to coordinates X:12052, Y:11366

Point of Interest (Sightseeing) - Cargo ship in desert

Go to coordinates X:10420, Y:23490

Point of Interest (Sightseeing) - I Am Legend reference with chair and desk at the end of pier

Go to coordinates X:18207, Y:21543

Plane Landing

Aircraft can be landed if you manage to reduce your speed and approach a smooth surface; the landing gear will automatically appear if your aircraft can land at that location.

Point of Interest (Item) - Boats, rocket launcher, ammunition

Go to coordinates X:20624, Y:31074

Point of Interest (Item) - C4, grenades, and SMG ammunition

Go to coordinates X:5665, Y:25862

Point of Interest (Item) - Collectibles, two rare vehicles, gas pumps

Go to coordinates X:8033, Y:28372

Point of Interest (Item) - Happy Bubble Blaster Gun

Go to coordinates X:4249, Y:25990

Point of Interest (Item) - SAMs, fuel supplies, windmills

Go to coordinates X:8268, Y:26679

Vandalize Billboard

Find a billboard that features the face of the dictator, Baby Panay. Use the grappling hook to position Rico directly over his face then press [Action]. Rico will draw glasses and a mustache over the face.

Apocalypse Now Reference

While flying a military helicopter, destroy as many military objects (infantry, vehicles, radar, SAMs, etc.) as possible. After a short time, Rico will begin humming the "The Ride Of The Valkyries" song, which was played during the famous air raid scene in Apocalypse Now.

The Winstons (Band) Reference

There is a boat name "Winstons Amen 69" in the game, which is a reference to a famous drum beat known as the "Amen Break" performed by the funk and soul band "The Winstons" on their 1969 album "Color Him Father".

Freefall Landing with No Parachute

When free falling there is no need to use the parachute. If you are trying to get that extra couple feet to hit a certain distance, just grapple the ground once you get within range. Regardless of the height you will safely touch down.

Controlling Vehicles in Stunt Position

While in stunt position on a land vehicle it is possible to control the direction that the vehicle goes in by moving the left stick in the direction you would like. This is not stated in any of the games manuals or tutorials, and is likely to not be found by most players. This doesn't work on air vehicles.

Top of the World Trophy / Achievement

Head to coordinates X:20541, Y:118835 to get the Top of the World Trophy / Achievement. When you get there, Rico makes a comment about it. There is also a Ular Boys skull at that location.

Easy Money

Each time a race is completed you get $20,000 and any race can be repeated as desired. You can get the $20K over and over again.

Easy Stunt Points

Drive a fast car or motorcycle on a highway or long road. Dodge traffic while in the correct lane, or drive in the middle of the road and speed. Get the sports car at the entrance of Panau International Airport. Drive it to a runway and wait for a plane to appear. Go into stunt position and attach the car to the plane with the grappling hook. Enter the car and the plane will take off with the car in tow. You will accrue stunt points quickly as long as the grapple is not released.

Beached Whale

Go to X:29611, Y:31332 coordinates to find a beached whale. Use an explosive to blow up the whale and find a hidden armor piece inside.

Hot Air Balloon

Go to coordinates X:7392, Y:16151. Note: You can also find an armor piece near the balloon. You can ride the balloon by shooting off the sandbags and steer it by waking in the basket. Note: Unlike other vehicles, the hot air balloon can be used to fly over the Lost island without getting destroyed.

Mile High Club

Go to coordinates X:29584, Y:11435 to find a strip club suspended by dual blimps.

Lost Reference

When flying too far over the northwestern island, lightning will hit your plane, destroying it. Stunt Jump out of it or you might die from hitting the wings or other parts of the plane. While slowly going down you will find the crashed airliner Oceanic 815 and the word "search" written on the beach (at coordinates X:1275, Y:3663). Run into the jungle to find the hatch (at coordinates X1769, Y4351), as well as hear the sounds of the "black smoke" monster.

Easter Egg: The Island from 'Lost'

In the northwest corner of the map is an island separated from the mainland by a fair stretch of water. If you fly over this island in any plane you'll automatically crash. On the island you can find numerous references to Lost, including plane wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815, familiar settings like the stream. You'll hear sounds of the Smoke Monster as you explore too. There's even a hatch to be found!