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Jurassic: The Hunted


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Also on:PS2, Wii, Xbox 360
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GF Rating

Very Good

Surprisingly Good

posted by bornonce (ALLEN, TX) Nov 12, 2009

Member since Nov 2005

49 out of 50 gamers (98%) found this review helpful

When I first heard that Activision was going to release a budget-priced game about dinosaurs, I admit that I had my doubts. But, really, the game is much better than I thought it was going to be.

The graphics are excellent, with an abundance of detailed grass, hilly terrain, etc., with really good textures. It is perfect for conveying the mood of being on an isolated island made up of flora from 1 million years ago. But it is the dinosaurs themselves that really make the game. They are very detailed, have great animation, and are hard to kill. They are aggressive, they are relentless, they will gang up on you, and they attack with surprising quickness. You have a selection of weapons, but all of them have relatively small magazines, so you are continually having to reload while the dinos are jumping down your throat. The voice acting is cheesy, which kind of fits for a fun title like this one.

There is a story and a plot which makes a little sense, but the whole premise is so absurd that it really doesn't matter. The weapons feel good, and since this is an FPS the dinos get up close and personal. There are even times when you have to shake out of their grasp, or even punch them. It is all designed to be fun, and the game really is. Granted, it is not going to be a challenging exercise, but by the same token it isn't meant to be. On the PS3 the graphics, animations, textures, etc. are great, and the game play is smooth as glass.

This is a mindless, fun exercise, but I commend Activision for using the power of the PS3 to create a surprisingly detailed world with dinosaurs that will hunt you down like the terminator. Give it a try, you might like it, particularly since it is so reasonably priced.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Really great Dino game

posted by Brandon101 (WARR ACRES, OK) Nov 18, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

24 out of 25 gamers (96%) found this review helpful

I'm sure there are some other dino enthusiasts out there like me who weren't really in to Turok. I was amazingly disappointed by Turok. Maybe it was because of all the humans that you had to fight off waiting for a good dinosaur moment, or maybe it was the fact that when you finally reached that moment, the dinosaurs were just so damned hard to kill. Last but not least the long unskippable cut scenes that got so amazingly boring

Jurassic: The Hunted is a really great game, the polish and production values are missing, but the gameplay is really good. The story isn't there, the graphics aren't all that impressive, it may be short, but the game is really amazing.

The game took me just under 4 hours to beat. That being said, those 4 hours were some of the most entertaining in recent memory. The gun play is great and the difficulty is right on.

Some points of the game go into a Nazii Zombie-esque mode where you protect a small barricade and can rebuild the broken down boards. These parts are among the most difficult parts of the game, but if you enjoyed Nazii Zombies, you will love this.

All in all the game is very entertaining, and after completion there is a Hard difficulty and a Survivor mode. The Survivor mode is just the Nazii zombies with dinosaurs (But without the multiplayer =/)

I definitely recommend that everyone try this game. It is really good especially if your a fan of dinosaurs.

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GF Rating


A Small Yet Juicy Sandwhich

posted by lightning (TONAWANDA, NY) Feb 1, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Jurassic: The Hunted may be short, but it has some surprising content despite its length. There are some thouroughly tricky sections that can become a bit frustrating, but mostly it is a straightforward shoot-the-dinosaurs-before-they-kill-you game. The boss fights, in particular, can get annoying, but they're so fun you probably won't even notice, and will end up replaying them just for the fun of it.That's not to say this game does'nt have any flaws. There are some sections where there are way too many enemies and others where you're likely to run out of ammo and there are no places to get more. Despite these flaws, the game still manages to keep things rolling and deliver new combat situaitions. The story is weak, but is enough to establish the main concept of the game, which is all that can be expected from a title so short.I would suggest this title to anyone who wants a quick gaming fix but does'nt want to devote to much time to a game.

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