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loved it.

posted by bebow68 (ADAMS, KY) Jan 7, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

Whene I rented the game I thought that it would be a more interactive game where you could control your character and what not. But the game just was all button pushing. At first I wasn't so sure about it because for me those games tend to get boring and lose their appeal, but this one surprised me.

The graphics were decent and the storyline was a great twist on the original movie. I loved the little mentions of the original charcters from the movies. It made me want to go and watch it all over again. The tasks were fun and entertaining and some even got my heart pumping.

The only bad thing I could find about it was the fact that it had alot of glitches especially during the scenes and even some during gameplay which frusterated me, but all in all its is a good game and definitly worth playing. I give it a 9.

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Fun but won't appeal to alot of people

posted by tuck179 (NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH) Dec 29, 2011

Member since Feb 2008

This game is like Heavy rain but with Dinos and with a weaker plot but it is a sure rent if you want some action in your night. The death scenes are pretty gruesome but no blood which makes it look weird and the game was very short but enjoyable if you a Jurassic park fan this should go in your collection it takes off right at when Nedry trys to steal the embryos it had some more important meaning too it basically takes off right at the ending of Jurassic park you'll see what im talking about when you play it. its a good game give it try you won't be disappointing.

Pros: Terrific Twist, Button mashing keep you on the edge of your seat, great voice acting, 2 endings made for replays, has jumpy moments.

Cons: Graphics not next gen, game is to short like a 72 hr story, and not a fun puzzler on like two puzzle in the game that are difficult.

When i saw it was made by Tell Tale games i was impressed how they pulled off Back to the Future they know what they are doing, I hope they keep doing these old movies its fun and it relives my childhood.

Overall Jurassic park the game gets a 7/10

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Played better but played worse

posted by doomsday (WESTFIELD, MA) Dec 23, 2011

Member since Nov 2005

As a fan of the film and dinos in general, i would recommend this game. Other than that, it seems to be more of a miss than a hit. Its graphics are not that great and it does get a little tedious at times. Its achievements are also fairly easy and this is one game that failure is often shown in hilarious ways. If you mess up, you get eaten or stomped on. Now that, is funny to watch.

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