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GF Rating

Really Bad

Just a bad game.

posted by Maxim1028 (Moorhead, MN) Feb 15, 2012

Member since May 2011

Its sad a huge movie franchise would allow a game like this to be released. Just bad overall. Don't rent or own.

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GF Rating


Not bad!

posted by Animator22 (SAN JOSE, CA) Feb 3, 2012

Member since Mar 2009

I like Telltale games mainly because they tell pretty good stories within a story. I liked all the themes they put into Back to the Future and I liked their twist in Jurassic Park where you see another story already taking place within the movie story. I think their one big improvement over Back to the Future is their lip syncing. It was awful in BTTF but looks better in Jurassic Park.

Their character animations are alot better than in Back to the Future as well and all the character models look good. Only the textures look a little pale and flat.

I like the options where you can explore and examine different areas and items. The puzzle solving was pretty interesting as well in some areas. I'm sure the one thing you'll like most about this game are all the death sequences when you fail certain quicktime events.

Its the quicktime events that can frustrate you a bit. Some you need to react very fast and others have a bad delay! There are times where the shots are trying to transition one to another and the gameplay freezes for a second or two and thats the time it doesn't register your button commands. This was the only thing that really put me down.

The full game has 4 episodes that can easily take about an hour or two to complete each episode. Maybe a little longer if you want to explore and see everything.

I don't think this game was that bad but then again that's just my opinion. The games not hard at all and is pretty short, if your interested I would play it! Don't expect alot except for a storyline.

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GF Rating

Above Average

This game could of been the best ever to come out.

posted by jake3 (DESTIN, FL) Jan 30, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

Okay first of all, i love Jurassic park! Its my favorite movie series of all time. But the game was kinda opposite of that of the movies. This game could of been one of the best games to ever come out and in my opinion top skyrim. If anybody ever tries to make another Jurassic park game; here are some good ideas for it.
1. make the game open world gameplay, it would be so freaking cool if you're just running around the map and then all of sudden get attacked by a dinosaur. iT BE SO EFFIN FUN! In open world gameplay you could include safe houses, secret caves, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, mountains, the jurassic park facility's, trees and anything in an open world environment, you can include vehicles, tree houses, of course dinos, even hidden easter eggs of some sort, do quest, be able to pick up weapons and upgrade them and stuff like that, etc.
Multiplayer mode. being able to inv friends to explore an open world of dinos would be really fun as well as going solo, etc
Needs awesome graphics! With amazing graphics of the environment, dinos and everything else, this game would be loved and played by everybody atleast one time in their life. You the creators would bring in a massive amout of money. No questions about that.
Please if you ever decide to make another Jurassic park game, please make it open world gameplay with the best graphics and lost of fun exciting quest. I dont care if yous guys take 5-10 years making this game, puting in what i talked about; there will be no problem selling this game. Everybody and i mean everybody will line up to buy this game!
This game could of been awesome, amazing, epic, etc and you can make the next JP game like that if you put time, hard work in it.
Theres probably lots im forgetting to talk about at the moment but i got my main point, focus out of the way.

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