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GF Rating


It's a good solid 7

posted by proloz (WESTERNPORT, MD) Aug 17, 2012

Member since Jun 2005

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I'm not a big game reviewer, but I feel like this game has been reviewed unfairly by a lot of people. No, it's not a shooter---there isn't a TON of action really, just lots of button pressing as they flash on the screen---BUT, the game was really enjoyable overall. The story was good, it really was like a movie instead of a game. Normally I skip through the movie sections of games, impatient to get to the next part---with this though I found myself really feeling the characters and wanting to watch everything. It's not terrible at all. Parts of it are actually pretty fun, other parts are frustrating. I think the achievement of not dying in the game is pretty impossible unless you keep reloading. I went to see the 1st JP movie the day it came out years ago---ever since then I've been into the whole JP thing. So if you like the movies, then you'll probably like the game---unless you are expecting a gun toting, FPS, which this game is not. It was good though. I played it and beat it within two days. Take a chance with a rental. I don't think it's a buy at all, or even a keep it. But a rental? Heck yeah! That's what GF is for! :-)

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GF Rating

Very Good

newcomers to the franchise beware

posted by skyrimmaster (CAMP HILL, PA) Nov 25, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

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Jurassic Park: The Game isn't for everyone. People expecting an action-packed first-person shooter thrill ride or even an open-world exploration game will be very disappointed. Jurassic Park: The Game is about the story, character development and plot twists like Mass Effect. The game is centered around quick-time events like RE6 and dialog choices like Mass Effect. Don't get wrong I'm not condemning the game for that, as a matter of fact i don't believe this game could have been made any other way. Realistically if it was a FPS we would be complaining how the raptors were either too slow making them unrealistic or too fast making it insanely hard. There are still plenty of scary moments in this game to keep fans of franchise satisfied. Plus, this game is just dying to be played in the dark.

I have several complaints with the game:
1. The game can get glitchy at points when action becomes too frantic.
2. The lack of control of your characters to explore the island is a disappointment.
3. The game is just too short even replaying scenarios to get the achievement points only took 4-5 days which certainly isn't a buy.

All in all its a good rental for fans of the 1st movie. Maybe a buy if packaged with the movie for newcomers to the franchise but that's it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Jurassic Park: The Adventure Game

posted by Leo_Bottoms (LA HABRA, CA) Feb 18, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

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Jurassic Park: The Game, by the same creators as the recently acclaimed Walking Dead, is by far a great game which stays true to the source material, the original Michael Crichton novels. Suspense, drama, science fact and fiction, horror, and action, and guranteed never a dull moment until one comes across an inevitable difficult puzzle. Much like Heavy Rain, the story is stellar yet the gameplay is much like a modern day adventure game, where instead of stopping the action and creating a consequence free enviroment, the player is held responsible for their actions and must act quickly when the time calls for it. Unable to close a door while a raptor is about to make a lunge and you die, graphically. As adventure games go, this is by far a great one that ought be ported to most of the modern consoles including the Wii and would suffer little to no drawbacks graphically or technically. The game is simple for the avid adventure game player, and the many decisions available gurantee a few playthroughs, though like many adventure games it's replayability is restricted. As such, it is worth a look and a playthrough at least once, and is liable to change the mind of even those who dislike adventure games.

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