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GF Rating


A poor game made worse by it's absurd shortness...

posted by OptAdam (WORCESTER, MA) Mar 2, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

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Movie games are rarely good, so I can't say I had the highest of hopes for this game. That being said it failed to reach any of those short expectations.

The game is simple, with really only one move, the difference being which side you use it from. The enemies even have the correct side(s) nicely labeled with a green spot at their feet. The drop zone kills in which you "jump" to some location with the enemy (above the Grand Canyon, inside a soon to be compacted car) and then teleport away leaving them to die, are amusing the first time or two you see them, then they become repetitive just like every other part of the game.

Perhaps the worst part of the game is how absurdly short it is. I rented it (thank God; if I bought it, I'd be rioting) and started the game at about 8 o'clock. With a break to eat a bit, I ended up beating the game around 9:45. An hour and a half (and I didn't even get the record time achievement for that) of gameplay? I played it a second time because I got bored and wanted said record time achievement, managed to beat in just a shade over half an hour. On both playthroughs, I only died during the fight with Samuel L. Jackson's character towards the end of the game, and only because I got bored with being careful and got a little reckless.

There are no extras, and no kind of multiplayer, so unless you desperately want those last few achievements (you should get 800-900 in the first playthrough), those two or so hours is the extent of the use you'll get out of this game.

If you're at a lack of games to play, or want a quick 800 gamerscore, this is the game to rent. But, for the love of God, do not buy this. I quite sure you will regret it if you do.

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Don't you dare waste your money!

posted by Gynx379 (WEST PALM BEACH, FL) Jul 19, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

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All I can say is from someone who has been playing video games for over 25 years is, don't waste your money on this one. The graphics are horrible. Even when you're walking on sand it sounds like you're walking on a wooden floor with those ridiculous shoes Griffin wears. Just that alone made be want to call up the developer and yell at him. At some parts during the game you can't even see when you're fighting because the camera angle hasn't evened out yet. Meanwhile, you're just hitting buttons because you're getting hit. Absurd I tell ya. This is one of the worst games known to man. I like Excite Bike better on the Nintendo. What the heck were they thinking when the made this game. I figure it this way, all developers should compare their games to all the top ten games of the year and try to make that list. If not, don't even bother making? it. Budget or not. Who was the attracting audience? 6 yr olds? Even then, their parents won't spend $60 for this piece of garbage game. I hate it.

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GF Rating


Good for about 700 points. Otherwise garbage.

posted by HardWay (WESTERVILLE, OH) Dec 16, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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I got this game because I'm a gamerscore farmer, and I imagine that's why you're interested too. I was shamelessly trying to boost my score, and I was on a website that recommended this game because it was "a fast and easy 1000 points".

Well, thats sort of true. It was fast. Easy? No.

Now, when you set up a gamefly account solely to boost gamerscore, you do so prepared to play some pretty awful games. I've played Avatar, TMNT, Terminator, and Cabela's Big Game Hunter, not once expecting a good game. But each time, I got what I was expecting; a mildly entertaining, frustration-free 1k. But when a game fails to meet "fun standards" for a gamerscore farming title, thats saying something. Jumper didn't even come close.

The first 700 points or so should come very easily, inside of 2 hours, frustration-free. After that, this game becomes very challenging. But its not challenging because of smart AI and requires mastery of the controls. It's challenging because the game is unbelievably terribly made.

You will get stuck in walls. You camera will get stuck. You will be punished for doing things correctly. The game will cause you to make an error, rather than your own judgement or reflexes. You will land successful attacks, and then be hit by the enemy you just attacked during your recovery animation. There is no block button to prevent this. It is THE POOREST EXCUSE FOR A COMBAT SYSTEM I HAVE EVER SEEN IN 16 YEARS OF GAMING.

The first 90% of the game is an absolute cakewalk. You will laugh at how easy the game is. In 2 hours you'll be at the last level, getting sodomized over and over again by this game's numerous flaws. Your failure will hardly be your fault at all. Skill in this game is derived from learning how to play around the game's faults. As a result, achieving mastery of the game is not fun in the slightest, but rather a trial-by-error chore that requires you to remember to do the counterintuitive. Bad even for a boost game.

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