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Steering Wheel Gripping Action

posted by Digital9x (MORRISTOWN, TN) Jun 29, 2006

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It's hard for game makers of racing simulations to be up to par when being compared to the Gran Turismo series. However, Gran Turismo can be too difficult as well. Other racing games either don't react well to the controls or the cars are just all over the road no matter what.
Juiced is totally different story. The controls are elegant and easy to grasp. The cars react responsively to your touch. Handling can be difficult at times, but just remember to let off the gas on the curves, then gun it when on the peak of the curve.
From the instant you pop in the game, the intro music will have you cranking up your volume even more. Do you have a gaming chair with a built in sound system? If not, you will thank me for getting one and sitting in it while playing this game. From the vivid graphics to the sound track, you will be hooked.
There is so much to unlock in this game, it's a bucket full of Kracker Jack suprises. Race well, and you will earn respect from other racers, acquiring the cell numbers for future races. There are parts galore available to soup up your ride.
Remember to take short cuts, they are extremely helpful. When performing one-to-one races, the best way to when is to get up speed, catch up with your opponent, pass, and do an immediate 180. Find a straight away, and keep burning up the road.
If you are racing gamer, Juiced should surely be in your collection. If you have a huge television with a great sound system, you'll enjoy the game even better.


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Juiced: an above average racer

posted by sedition (DERRY, NH) Apr 21, 2006

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This was a good game. It blended Need For Speed Underground and Gran Turismo in a good way but looses a few qualities along the way. NFS by being able to fully customize your car and Gran Turismo br the great racing quality. But the combo does loose some qualities. LIke there's not a ton of upgrade options. And it doesn't have GT's Incredible Graphics. But It is the only of the three that you can damage your car. Another plus is there is no story just a calendar and a garage.

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pink slips?

posted by reviewdude (GARDEN GROVE, CA) Jun 15, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

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awesome game! this game lets u race on the streets in angel city, and boy is it a hek of a game! It is realistic and totally fun. yet very hard and gets u fustrated. U can pick cellphones, u earn respect, and expect a pink slip race if u r a veryyyyyyyy good racer. It is an awesome game, but if u lose a race it damages ur career... BADLY! and gets u fustrated (especially if u raced for pinks... like me...) just buy da game! and don't expect an easy game! Plus, da awesome online experience. P.S. don't follow da gamefly rating. this game is totally awesome! it's just a crazy not-right rating. Like i said before, BUY IT!

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