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Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

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Very Good

Some Things to note, but still a great game

posted by Dj99 (LINCOLN, NE) Dec 29, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

As mentioned in other reviews:

1. The difference in your cars' control between Circuit and Drift events varies WAY too much
2. Even though there are so many visual mods available, There are some issues with graphics while in the "in car" view.
3. You get it..

Even with these mistakes, and others I haven't mentioned for their lack of importance, Juiced 2 offers great gameplay and a lot of entertainment.

In the first Juiced title it was quite difficult to gain a reasonable amount of money, yet in Juiced 2 you can easily get 300k by placing a spectator bet and utilizing the Boo/Cheer features wisely, thus you can get several million dollars in a very short time. In an hours time I got a total of $2,930,000 on a new account. With that I purchased several vehicles and I was only on League 6 at the time (Rookie->League 7->League6->etc.) In short: Money is no issue if you get the hang of spectator betting.

The tracks are fairly easy to understand, making it easy to improve your driving skills and win races more easily. But improving your car's performance is always important. One thing that should have been better implemented though is the weight reduction having a more noticeable effect on your car's acceleration.

The upgrade system has had a total makeover and now you have challenges to complete in order to upgrade your car more, for example the Perfect Lap Challenge where you have to complete a lap without touching the barricade/wall at all, and within a certain time! Or the Beat Car challenges, where you have to beat a car that is maxed out with a perfect driver, with nothing but your skill and a short 5-8 second head start! These challenges make it a more interesting experience to say the least!

The last thing to note: the Goal System. You have to complete a certain number of goals before you can advance to the next league.

A great game! 8/10!

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GF Rating


Juiced 2

posted by paulnvick (INDEPENDENCE, KS) Nov 14, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

Was not impressed at all with the game. Took awhile to get used to the handling of the cars and is nowhere close to being realastic. Has very sharp turns that you have to manuver thru and very short times to make it thru the tracks in order to make the upgrades. I got bored with it very quckly and returned the game. I would not recomend it to anyone who is a serious "racer" and enjoys the race-games...

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Very Good

to much drifting

posted by snake787pr (NEW BRITAIN, CT) Sep 15, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

like some of the other review say the drift part is to much to handle so much .Don't take me wrong the game is awesome but to much drift bored me and it need free roam a stoey line .
hope to see juiced 3

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