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The Grudge I have with this game: It's too short

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 1, 2009

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For me, JuOn: The Grudge has to be the most dissapointing game this year.
I really liked the presentation; you are stuck in a darkened place (hospital, apartments, factory) and are armed with a flashlight. You wave the flashlight about with the Wiimote to uncover the path out of the nightmare. You press the B button to go in that direction. (It would've been easier to utitlize the thumbstick to move about, but that was only a small problem to me).
But there's a limited amount of power in each battery that powers your flashlight (next time, get the good batteries), so you have to search and find other batteries and keys (they're easy to find; just look for a glimmer and you found it.)
Along the way, a creepy boy and a creepy girl try to scare you to death. In some areas of each level, you engage the girl in combat to get away from her.
During the combat phase, one of two things happen. First, arrows will appear on screen and you have to wave the Wiimote in those directions.
Or, a circle appears, then moves about the screen. you have to keep a set of crosshairs inside the circle at all times.
If you are successful,you will escape the wrath of that girl.
Keep on going through the level (unlocking doors along the way), and you will get to the end of the level. But the levels end far too soon (less than thirty minutes a level), and there's only five levels in the game.
Making matters worse is the fifth level is locked and can only be accessed by finding torn up pieces of paper in the other four levels. Most players (including myself) will give up far before we find all those scraps of paper.
I'm really frustrated. This game has some really nice scares in it, and it's very immersive, but the lacking content has me asking "Is that it?"
Here's hoping a sequel will have more levels in it; Ju-On: The Grudge is just too short to give a lasting scare. SKIP IT.

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Just rent the Foreign Classic

posted by jf1977 (WEST GROVE, PA) Oct 18, 2009

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The controls are absoulty atrotricuous and there some interesting features a courage meter and all this game has terrible controls and just rushed.

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Grudge against the creater

posted by NightFox87 (FAIRFAX, VA) Jan 17, 2011

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This game was extremely boring. It's not survival horror, it's haunted house simulator. You have to search for spare batteries so your flashlight doesn't die on you. That's basically the whole thing. Me and my friend couldn't even make fun of the game it was that boring. I returned it after trying to play for 20 or so minuets in the hopes that it would get better. It didn't. The scares are like those Youtube videos where you're distracted by the video and then the creature jumps at you. Except much more boring.
The controls are also very frustrating. The character walks unbelievably slow and has no run option. Sometimes turning the wiimote will just barely turn the character and other times they will spin so much you can't remember which direction you were facing.
If I could rate this game lower than one, I would. I see no good points to it. Don't waste your time.

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