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More than games,great experiences not to be missed

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Aug 30, 2012

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When one wants to point to videogames that are art, thatgamecompany's three creations would serve as fine examples. For those who didn't already get them from the Playstation Store, "The Journey Collection" brings the three games (flOw, flower, and Journey) to a disc based package. Along with the three games are developers' commentary, concept art, the music, and even three minigames (Nostril Shot, Duke's War, and Gravediggers) to enjoy, making this a worthwhile purchase for indie gaming fans. It's not a perfect package- each game needs to be individually installed and accessed to play instead of just launching from the disc (a minor complaint, as it doesn't take long) and the minigames are simply an okay diversion. They're worth a look, but they range from meh to just okay. But they're not the draw here. The first game by thatgamecompany was flOw, a game in which you play as separate creatures making their way down several levels, eventually unlocking six different critters, each one with a different playstyle. The music and the graphics are nice, and it's interesting to play, but it's also easily the weakest of the three. Their next game is flower, which is an absolute delight as you move petals on the wind through environments, opening flowers along the way and revitalizing the environment. The colors are bright, the controls fluid, and the music terrific. The last game is the collection's namesake, Journey. The most ambitious of the three, you take your character across deserts and through ruins to investigate a mysterious light at the top of the mountain. The journey is a beautiful one, both visually and aurally, and even packs an emotional wallop towards the end. You can journey solo or with a companion online. All three games are short in length- it'll take 3 hours max for a playthrough- but all are well worth revisiting. These are more experiences than games, so they may not be for everyone, though all should try them. You'll be glad you did. Enjoy!

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Interesting Collection

posted by SirKoenig (HOBOKEN, NJ) Sep 4, 2012

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Flow - Very conceptual. Very pretty. Very interesting controls. Very, very boring. You're some sort of amoeba and eat other microscopic creatures to grow? The tagline of the game is something like, "If life could be simple." Simple here translates to boring. I hated this game. NEXT.

Flower - Very surprised here. I REALLY enjoyed flower. Basically, you start as a flower petal and using the controller's six-axis motion controls, you float through the air to hit and "awaken" other flowers eventually having hundreds of petals following your original one. Later levels introduce different "objectives" you need to complete which switches it up. Weird concept for sure, but the game play was very enjoyable. Relatively short (Maybe took an hour to finish?) but one of the more interesting and surprisingly enjoyable games I've played in a long time, especially since I knew nothing about it jumping in.

Journey - Long story short, you play as some dude (or possibly dudette) trying to get the top of a far away mountain by jumping/flying throughout different parts of the world. You get powerups to get a longer scarf so you can jump longer distances. The kicker here is that in the game world, you'll meet other players trying to complete the same task as yourself. Some will travel with you, others you'll leave behind and vise versa. With no actual communication in game (voice chat) I had fun communicating with other players using other forms of communication (patterns, symbols, pinging, etc). The world itself is absolutely beautiful and the game play is real slick. Again, a short title that I completed in an hour or so.

Final Word - So funny story, there's actually 6 games on this disc - Flow, Flower, Journey and three Indie games I didn't bother checking out because Indie games aren't really my thing. If they are your thing though, this collection is a steal at $25. I'd give it this collection a higher score, because it was real fun, but Flow was SO

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Above Average

Not My Thing

posted by pswilliams986 (ROCKY POINT, NC) Sep 22, 2012

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These games are not for everyone. They're mostly for the "games are art" crowd. The visuals are very impressive but the gameplay is incredibly dull and boring. It's a 10/10 piece of digital art, but a 3/10 game. I don't like how the collection still makes you download each individual title to play them either.

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