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John Woo Presents Stranglehold


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Very Good

Awesome game, with only a few control issues...

posted by BaRkMaRkET (WILMINGTON, DE) Sep 11, 2007

Member since May 2007

34 out of 36 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Bottom line is: this game is absolutely perfect for action fans. Lots of shooting, varying stages, and cool standoffs as a minigame. Fans of the Max Payne series will be happy to feel a very similar control scheme. Great graphics (though not quite top-notch), excellent environment interaction, fantastic voice acting and cut scenes with great cinematography, and incredible sound effects make this game a real winner.

The first of two problems lies with Tequila's interaction with poles and banisters. It can be tricky, because the automatic highlighting option (allowing you to select the objects) may play tricks on you by switching back and forth between railings. Eventually, you get the hang of it, but even then you may find yourself out of ammo and accidentally heading down a railing into certain death, instead of up the railing towards a health pack.

The second problem lies with the AI spawns. The AI itself is awesome in the game. Enemies clutch their wounded areas and cover their faces when debris flies at them. They take cover, etc. It's great. But when they spawn, they seem to either come from directly behind you (killing you rather quickly) or from a door right in front of you (allowing you to dispatch them with ease).

Overall, a great rental for action fans, but a sure buy for die hard John Woo fans. There is something endlessly enjoyable about shooting two guns whilst jumping through the air!

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GF Rating


Good for a Rent

posted by Frump630 (ROCKFORD, IL) Jan 10, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

10 out of 11 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

There were some good parts as well as some faux pah's (however you spell it).

Good points:
- Slow motion really helps in fire fights when you get overwhelmed with enemies.
- The Precision Aim is possibly the best option
- Graphics are decent but don't compare them to Oblivion or anything like that
- The destructable enviroments was a good addition to the game. If you were standing behind a pillar too long, the enemy can gradually destroy that pillar.

- It is very hard to have your back against a wall and try to look around the corner without giving away your position. You only get about a 2 inch look around the corner
- Game was a tad short. I was able to beat the game within a span of 6 hours on Normal.
- Weapon choice's was limited. There were only a total of 8 guns you could use in the game (including the Golden Pistols, Grenades, and Rocket Launcher) the grenades and Rocket launcher are only available until the last moments of the game.
- Highlighting action. When you want to jump onto a rail or a cart, you have to actually look at the objects in order to jump on them. In the middle of a fire fight, you could lose you life by jumping on the wrong thing.

Overall, Stranglehold is a great game to rent but thats about it. It is a decent shooter game if you liked Max Payne and Just Cause. Like I said before, the Precision Aim option is the best and the most fun part of the game because you can shoot people in the groin....and thats fun.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good game, reminded me of something?

posted by sKuLLtOy (BROOMFIELD, CO) Sep 24, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

....For all the old gamers this will bring back memories to a game that started the whole slow motion effect, Max Payne. Although the creators of Max Payne probably got the idea off of John Woo's action effects in his movies to begin with.......

Game was a blast. Lots of action a little linear but I guess that was the easiest way to tell this story that could just as easily been another John Woo action film starring Chow Yung Fat. He is in the game as well, as a voice actor for his character that looks like him.

It was a little short, only seven main chapters and some of them you can go through a little too fast.

Graphics were very nice, using the UNREAL engine really shines. There were some bugs that showed up for me. Falling through to no were land beneath the floor or behind the walls and getting trapped resulting in a restart. Glitches in the hair on the characters, and sometimes the audio would start coming from only one channel. This usually happened to me when there was a LOT going on.

Overall a great game, not enough action for me to buy it. Took me less than a week to play and beat and I am not one of those "G points" freaks that have to get all 1000 points so I had no desire to repeat the levels over and over again.

Definitely a worthy play till HALO 3 hits!

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