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John Woo Presents Stranglehold


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GF Rating

Very Good

More than Max Payne still gameplay

posted by Gregarious (RICHMOND, VA) Oct 31, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

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I went ahead and bought the game based off the great demo from the PSN store and have gotten through the first two levels. Let's just say that I have both Tony Hawk, Skate, Heavenly Sword, and Warhawk available and I'll choose to play this one over them.

The game play is similar to Max Payne--you can choose to shoot normally or hold L1 to slow down time and have a chance to knock out a few more guys quickly while diving through the air. There's more to it though. You can run along banisters and rails, slide on carts and wires, and swing from chandeliers. (Game tip: These slow time AND allow you to have less damage). This type of slaughtering gives you "style points" which earn you health; a sniping action (Game tip: Go for the junk. It's hilarious); a barrage, aka invincibility and unlimited ammo for about 5 seconds; and a 360 degree spin move complete with flying doves. Later you get to shoot bad guys from a helicopter with a 50 cal. machine gun.

The graphics are great too. The 2nd level reminds me of Drake Uncharted screens. The difficulty on "regular" is challenging and fun and it's a great game to show off your HD TV and PS3.

It's just too bad that us PS3 guys had to wait so long for this one.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not Worth The Wait

posted by REVJR1 (ROANOKE, VA) Dec 15, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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Stranglehold was a perfect example of the difference between promise and performance, between screenshots and gameplay. GI ran a glossy spread on it many months ago that made it look bigger than life, action-packed, and graphically beautiful. John Woo's involvement was supposed to lend a vigor and balletic grace to the title. In the end, it's a great deal of blood and little else. The visuals are far below PS3 standards and the missions are endlessly repetitive. The weapons are tedious and the audio is mediocre. Voiceovers are unimpressive. Even the much-vaunted diving and sliding abilities of Tequila only interfere with the gameplay, oddly enough, instead of smoothing things out. This is one for the pure run-and-gun crowd but even with them it will fall short in its boring predictability and underwhelming video qualities.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Decent Run and Gunner

posted by JustaGamer (COCOA, FL) Mar 21, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

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This is my first review. The major selling point of this game is the environment. Not only are there a plethora of environmental kills, but they have "Style Combos" Which is basically places that will light up and give you the opportunity to do some classic movie stunts like sliding down a stair rail while shooting. Each level is graded A-F based mostly on how many style points you got. Style points can be used to purchase extras like costumes and videos. The weapons range from mp5 machine pistols, to "Golden guns", to M16s,shotguns,rocket launchers and heavy machine guns. There is no auto lock it is all free-aim.

I've played a lot of games, and the one I would compare this to is Max Payne, with a few differences.
1. I prefer the Max Payne story more, Stranglehold is a sequel to the movie Hard Boiled. I never saw Hard Boiled so the story of stranglehold didn't interest me, I skipped almost every cut scene which I almost never do.
2. Not every dive will trigger slow-mo
3. You Never have to reload.
4. You have specials like tequila bomb which triggers a quick cut scene every time you use it of tequila spinning around shooting and then most of your enemies are dead.
5. There is a wall cover system.

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