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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game!!! Absolutely Amazing Controls!!!

posted by gf1234 (HELLERTOWN, PA) Nov 5, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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I play golf in real life and know what all shots should do and feel like.
This game is almost spot on on all shots!!! Playing in the game feels like playing in real life.
The graphics are something in-between PS3 and PS2 graphics but the grass textures are very good, the golfer and trees are more PS2. The Entire Course loads at once so you can say, hit a ball onto the 2nd fairway from the first hole! Cool feature. The Ads are on billboards or in the corner in-between holes, not bad.

The Controls are AMAZING!! If you want to hit a punch shot(low show), you don't hit a button but actually keep your hands ahead of the ball and low through impact just like real life!
If you want to hit a lower shot you can close the club face down or open it up to hit a higher one!! It is amazing, feels sooo natural.

++A PATCH is Coming out VERY soon for the game to address all the problems with too sensitive pointer controls and a couple improvements. (from JD's forum from developer). That will make the game great and fix some of the issues! It does have a couple big issues with the over-sensitivity!
They are working on more content and graphics and a Course Editor for the next release!!++

But don't get me wrong, this game has enough modes and Controls to play realistic golf now!!

If you want a very realistic golf game and one of the best Move Experiences(hitting shots, not counting the over-sensitive controls) this it!!!!! This game is MADE for the Move from the Ground UP! It's focus is more on the experience playing a realistic round of golf, than tons of customization and a 100 mini-games, which is where TW dropped the ball big time on that... I hope the next release upgrades all these features because it will definitely stand wayyyyy above any other golf game out there in all categories!!!!

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GF Rating


Avoid This Game!!!!

posted by Cryptech (FORT COLLINS, CO) Oct 14, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

Terrible graphics, terrible sound, the voice talent in this game sounds like they are bored out of their mind. This only cool thing about the game was the Move controls, but even those are a little iffy. It basically forces you to look at the screen during every shot which gave me a kink in my neck.

Also and the biggest NO NO of all is the in-game advertising. The second day I had this game and started it up the menu page had a BIG banner in the bottom right corner of the screen. It was an ad for the new Predators movie. It was horrible. It said "PREDATORS - Own it on Bluray and DVD October 19 2010!" Are you effing kidding me. It was blatant. Then I proceeded to play with a buddy and we saw the same advert everywhere. Every time you hit a shot and watch the replay its there, every time you are on the tee box you see 2-4 of the same poster on benches. Heck, whenever you are playing the game and you can see a tee box you see the ad. Me and my buddy counted one time, during game play that I saw 8 at the same time on my screen before hitting a shot , unbelievable.

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GF Rating


just plain horrible!

posted by eazirider (WINSTON SALEM, NC) Oct 15, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

1 out of 10 gamers (10%) found this review helpful

not much else to say..don't waste your time!!!!

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