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John Carpenter's Vampires

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GF Rating

6 ratings

Movie Details

  • Release Date 9/7/2008
  • Studio Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Platform PSP Movies
  • Genre Horror

Language, Sexuality, Strong Vampire Violence and Gore

Movie Description

A master of horror sinks his teeth into one of horror's classics in John Carpenter's Vampires. In a world where vampires exist, Jack Crow (James Woods) would rather see them made extinct. Crow watched a bloodsucker murder his parents when he was a boy. As a grownup, everything he does is geared toward getting revenge. Crow hunts the nightwalkers with a group of pros. Crow and his team are called in by the Vatican for a special mission. There is a legendary object, a black crucifix, that, if found, would give vampires the power to walk in the daytime. It's a race against time as Crow must beat the vampires to the cross (and just plain beat some while he's at it) or else we're all vampire food.

Specs & Requirements

Length 108

Director John Carpenter

Theatrical Release Date 1998

Subtitles English, Spanish

Languages Spanish, English

Screen Format 1.78:1