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Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009


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Not Worth The Postage

posted by VernonK (WESTERNPORT, MD) Feb 24, 2009

Member since May 2006

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My wife has been excited to get this game and although I had a spot in my queue open and saved for Killzone 2, I figured I'd get it for her anyway.

What a waste of time. She was done playing within 20 minutes of starting.

The recognition using the balance board was horrible and many of the mini-games (e.g. cannons, heavy bag) wouldn't even work although the meters showed that it was picking up the movement of the remotes and the board.

On top of all this, my wife is already quite fit so it's not like she wasn't giving it her all. She just like's Jillian Michaels so she wanted to try it.

She ended up saying that she couldn't believe that Jillian would let her name be put on something like that.

Not only that, but if you turn it off and turn it back on (moments later) you have to go through the whole weigh-in process and here a "long time no see" type message.

I was thinking... what???

Graphics were shoddy, even for Wii, in my opinion. The soundtrack wasn't bad but for some reason we couldn't pick anything. We try to pick dance and all of a sudden it changes to country. What's up with that?

If you want to try it, have fun and give it a go. It's one of those games you can pop in and be able to stick back in the mailer the same day.

Oh well... at least she got to try it. I wouldn't waste your time if I was you though.

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Not User Friendly

posted by theresawil (DENVER, CO) Aug 17, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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This wasn't a good workout at all. It was hard to follow and very difficult to design your program. Wasted more time trying to get this game going than actually doing the workout. Even my 17yr old son who's a running back thought it was really bad. I would NOT recommend this even to someone in great shape.

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Trust the Reviews, Don't try it for YOURSELF!

posted by Jenlynlee (Vancouver, WA) Aug 10, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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Like 99% of the reviews that this is a joke of a game, it is so much worse than that.

The controllers don't correspond to your movements, graphics suck for a Wii game, music is ok, you can't see your characters outfit colors are way too dark....sure if you wanna screw up your TV for this pathetic thing they call a can use the brighten button to see more color, but not a big change!

The only workout you will get from this is from trying so hard to get the character to do what you are doing....and you do flail your arms about, the tire excercise is HELLO....IMPOSSIBLE! I have never made that motion with my body to run through tires....SORRY, BUT NO! The only workout that you really get from this game in my opinion is for your arms/wrists, as long as you are moving those, your character will do whatever, has nothing to do with the rest of the body. All actions come from wrist, hand, and arms. PATHETIC, YOU CALL THIS A WORKOUT GAME? BS!

I know you want to try it for yourself, but trust me and the other bad reviews, save your frustration, anxiety, and stress for a REAL WORKOUT! REALLY, save yourself, DO NOT RENT THIS GAME!!!

It is really pathetic that Jillian Michaels endorsed this with her name and reputation...what the heck was she thinking. If I could cuss in this review I would, that is how bad it is, and I am not a cusser. From the moment you put the game in, to the moment you start playing it, you want to cuss, shout, throw the remote through the TV, take the disc out and play disc golf with it. WORST GAME EVER RENTED AND QUITE POSSIBLY THE WORST ONE ON THE MARKET TODAY.

IF YOU REALLY MUST TRY IT FOR YOURSELF, make sure your kids aren't in the room, because you will throw the biggest fit of your life trying to get this game to work!

Wii Fit, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort, very fun and challenging....stick with those for fitness...wanting to try Wii Active!

Final words to those of you still wanting to try it for yourself, BEST OF LUCK!

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