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Jet X20


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Gameplay Controls

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Jet X20

X Button Accelerate
Triangle Button Camera
Square Button Turbo/Trick Modifier
L2 Button Trick
L1 Button Trick
R2 Button Trick
R1 Button Trick
Combo #1 Sliding Turn: Left Analog Stick Down + Left/Right
Combo #2 Tight Turn: Left Analog Stick Up + Left/Right
Combo #3 Lean Forward/Back Hydroplane: Left Analog Stick Up/Down
Combo #4 Lean Left/Right: Left Analog Stick Left/Right
Combo #5 Subdive: Snap the Left Analog Stick Quickly Down, then Up
Combo #6 Subdive Jump: Snap the Left Analog Stick Quickly Down, then Up, then down
Combo #7 Barrel Roll: Snap the Left Analog Stick Right then Left. OR Left then Right quickly while airborne
Combo #8 Flip: Left Analof Stick Up then Down, OR Down then Up quickly while airborne
Combo #9 Character Specific Tricks: Square Button + other trick controls when Turbo Power Gauge reaches Mega (red zone)