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Jet Li: Rise to Honor


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Gameplay Controls

Jet Li: Rise to Honor

Collaborative Mode/Attacks: Perform a grab move on Michelle to go into collaborative mode, which will last until the block meter is empty. While in this mode, slap the Right Analog Stick toward enemies to perform Collaborative Attacks.

Context-Sensitive Actions: When context-sensitive actions are available, an Action Bar will pop up on the HUD. A blue Action Bar means that the move available is done by pressing R1; a yellow Action Bar requires pressing R1 whle using the Right Analog Stick.

L2 Button Object targeting (hold with Right Analog Stick direction)/cancel targeting
L1 Button Adrenaline special attacks (with other attacks, when meter full)/adrenaline dive (while in motion)
R2 Button Shoot guns (with enemy targeted)
R1 Button Block enemy attacks/Grab enemy (with Right Analog Stick toward enemy, release R1 to release enemy)/perform move indicated on Action Bar (see GamePlay notes)/hide
Start Button Pause
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Movement
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Attack (slap stick toward enemy)/throw a grabbed enemy (slap any direction)/grab combo (multiple slaps, while holding enemy)/
Combo #1 R1 + L1 = Counter (with Right Analog Stick = Counter Attack)
Combo #2 While holding enemy, slap Right Analog Stick multiple times = Grab combo
Combo #3 Slap Right Analog Stick different directions (must be timed properly) = Multi-direction combos
Combo #4 Hold L1 + Rotate Right Analog Stick 360 degrees = Adrenaline Spin Attack
Combo #5 Rotate Right Analog Stick 360 degrees = Flare attack