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It's fun to be the bad guy

posted by CeltCub (SAN JOSE, CA) May 26, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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After being pushed back several times, Jaws finally hit the shelves. Made by the makers of Ecco, it's almost exactly Ecco with a shark as the star. One may think this is a bad thing, however you cannot underestimate the fun you can have being a shark and rampaging through the ocean eating anything that comes along (Including humans). The mission lay out is similar to Grand Theft Auto, i.e. take a mission, complete mission and move on to another. However this doesn't kick in until the third level of the game. The first two levels teach you how to play the game, and then challeneges you to escape being captured. Once you make it to the third level, the game is much more open ended and allows you to just swim and do what you want to do. You can advance the story at any time by doing the "main story missions". All of that adds up to some fun times at a cut rate price.
With more than a year of extra production time under it's belt, one would expect the game to be bug free, or at least very stable. And you would be wrong in this case. The camera can get comepltely out of control at times, and having played the game for two days, I've run into more than one glitch. Even had one major crash, althought to it's credit the game studdered it's way through the rough spot and actually recovered. Sp there are technical issues, and the controls take a minute to get used to, but overall the game itself offers enough fun to somewhat overlook these issues. It would have been nice since it was kicked back several times before release to have these things cleared up though.
Replay value is fairly limited, once you've gone through the storyline there's very little reason to do it again unless you want to collect every single side items and mission.

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Very Good

Good but lacks Jhon Williams and his Orchastrea

posted by Rainingric (LA PORTE, IN) Jul 25, 2009

Member since Mar 2007

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Always wnted to play as a man eating shark on the lose. Well to bad if you don't because you'll play it anyway.

Control is nice and fluent. Graphics are pretty good for a game with so much data like this one. Different attacks can be used to bite the heck out of just about anything.

Gore can be a disipointing becuase a younger audience would like to play this for sure. Difficulty and some glitches escalate throughout the game.Lack of music is a dissipointment.

Other sounds in the game (Voices,Explosions,E.T.C) are kinda poor quality.

Overall it is a good game. Free roaming is interesting and isn't ruined by enemies. And it isn't bad playing as a villian for a change.

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OK review

posted by hogol55676 (ROUND ROCK, TX) Nov 11, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

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i think this game was ok.i like the controls.more blood than i expected. first level was a little hard.goooooooooood more than about 6 cuss words.lots of i said this game was OK.

from hoho man 3333333333333333333333333- 3333333333333333333333333- 33333333333333333.

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