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GF Rating


Not bad but could definetly be improved

posted by JerryWaggs (MESA, AZ) Feb 18, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

The Fly ability and controls were good but the displays and versatility could Definitely be improved plus the game doesn't save the Campaign so starting over sucks. can't pick your own weapons load is a downer to. Doesn't come close to the old Janes software I use to us on PC's

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GF Rating


what flares?

posted by dlevinson (NICOLAUS, CA) Apr 24, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I enjoyed the game as a whole and I really do think this game is for the specific croud who is willing to over look the many faults of this game just to enjoy the planes. I love the F-4 Fantom and any chance I get to fly it is great. The variety of planes in this game was quit extensive and the missions were really long which isnt neccisarrily a good thing. One mission recommends a A-10 thunderbolt 2 and at one point multiple sqauds of SU-35's contantly re-spon right next to your target and it is exruciatingly hard to complete you mission in a ground attack air craft when multiple air suppiriority planes a chasing you. The one thing I couldent exuse was the fact that if you are flying at 400 miles strait forward and a sam fires at you from the front 95% of the time it will miss you and thats playing on hard. I dont recomend buying this game but if your looking for a few hours of fun and some really nice planes, rent this game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great game, Could've been better

posted by NxLocke (DALY CITY, CA) Aug 19, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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Great gameplay, but limited in terms of optional weapon loadout. They are limited to preconfigured plane loadouts. Missions becomes repetitive with almost an unlimited amount of enemies when you are not trying to acheive the objectives and staying below the radar net in most missions. Lack of gameplay options and game modes with only a campaign and multiplayer mode. Campaign mode can be finished in half a day.

A bit cliched but decent.

Great graphics, details, and textures in maps and planes considering the size of most of the levels. However, textures and objects doesn't load fast enough for high speed planes. In short, with a fast enough plane, you can fly faster than the sceneries can be loaded resulting in graphics & sound clipping.

A little dull music and voice actors could have been better.

A game that is fun to play for a little, but quickly lose its entertainment upon beating the game. Multiplayer is fun for a while, but quickly loses its fun. Good game to rent and play for a day or two, but not so good to buy.

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