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avatar game

posted by rockervan (KANSAS CITY, MO) Jan 3, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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i realize that the game took place 2 years before the movie, but even then it still didnt add up. This game is a renter for sure, i would never own the game due to how short the campaign was, and the game play itself, there wasnt enough customization, choosing from a few cruddy characters, and even less avatars that looked nothing like the character you choose. Game play wasnt fluid, controls were iffy, and lack of a sprint made it seem they intentionally tried to draw out a relatively short game.

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James Camerons: Pong

posted by khyron74 (KANSAS CITY, MO) Dec 16, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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first i'll be fair, i played the game for about an hour. That being said, I am also a huge gamer, owning all but the wii. I own upwards of 3-400 games (didn't take the time to count) but it is a hobbie. I was looking forward to this game but sadly it didn't hold my interest. While the graphics were nice ( the jungle almost on par with farcry 2 in detail) and controls decent, I felt like run from point A to point B and shoot things inbetween. Meanwhile take pictures of plants and critters (like pokemon snap). You drive in a jeep and watercraft with no weapons and they are just meant to get from A to B. The map has branched paths but for all this jungle you are stuck on these paths (no free roaming like farcry2 or oblivion). Your objectives show on a minimap but you'll find yourself wandering aimlessly trying to get to the destination (most the time I ended up in an empty room/dead end on accident but the map showed to go that way).
What's really disappointing is the missed oppurtunity here. The dialog is boring an bland serving just to tell you to go somewhere to do something, nothing more. Condsidering they had all of the resourceds from James Cameron's movie I would have thought this in particular would have been more polished. As for the 3d, I own the hl67a750 dlp from samsung, 3d ready but even google cant show me the easy way to setup for it with this game and all of the peripherals required (I.e. do I need a computer with nvidia enabled 3d and shutter glasses or will just polarized glasses do?) Since they are trying to pioneer this tech to take off it would help if they catered more to the general public like "3d for dummies" or something.
Like I said, I may have not given this game a fair shake with just an hour but I have been playing games since Pong first came out. I just couldn't get into it enough to stay hooked. I asked my friend if it was my age (I'm 35) he both his kids lost interest in it as well. Hmmm.... they never even played pong.

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Above Average

Not What It Could Have Been

posted by CG0882 (PITTSBURGH, PA) Dec 2, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

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Avatars game could have been a great game..They had a great idea for a story for the game and movie... But this game lacks any type of gameplay... The graphics are not finished and seem horrible. To me the whole game seems a little rushed for release..There are alot of glitches throughout the game..

The plus for the game would be all the different weapons, creatures, and enemys. Its fun to hold the trigger on enemies..Thats all i can think of good for this game

Maybe rent but beware of buying


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