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could have been amazing

posted by cernunnos (GAINESVILLE, FL) Dec 3, 2009

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The concept behind Avatar definitely had some potential and I must admit this alien world James Cameron has concocted has me wanting to know more. Further, the alien world with its strange creatures and native population was very interesting to me- at first- then I made the grave mistake of betraying humanity and "going blue". What did that get me? Terrible melee combat, even worse flight controls, oh yeah and I am fighting what I believe are Marines with bows and arrows...can you say not fair or what? It seems the more I play the more "powerful" my Na'vi gets but combat is still lopsided (I would had loved for my special powers to either A) last longer or B) have a much, much shorter cool down period). Regardless of all that, what did I get for betraying my own kind? Well I get berated by just about every Na'vi the game lets me speak with, yay that sure gives me motivation to help these blue people. I wish I could double cross the Na'vi and go back to being a Marine.

Let me go back to my original thought about being interested in this new world. Well, the game is short on plot and story so don't expect to experience anything here. Perhaps see the movie and hopefully it will be more engaging.

Now on to multiplayer. I joined numerous quick matches (one per "level") last night and low and behold nobody on the planet is playing this game! Well, actually, at the VERY end of one king of the hill match some random person joined my game. Woo hoo! I actually think multiplayer might have some potential but I played as a human so I can only imagine how terrible it would be to play as the Na'vi.

I think my favorite part of this game (aside from my interest in this world) would be the RTS mini game, which does not offer alot of depth or anything but I seem to be really good at it so whatever that is worth.

I believe if they would have spent some more time making the story deep and engaging and fixing how weak the Na'vi are, that this game would have been alot better.

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so close and yet so far away

posted by corpsefire (CHICO, CA) Dec 7, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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So I fell for the hype and was really excited to get this game and was totally dissapointed. Graphics at first glance seem impressive, but if you really inspect them you will notice that contour lines are poor and everything tends to blur into a green mass that you take little notice of as you play.

Character models are exotic and creative and I can't wait for the movie but the game fell drastically short of it's potential. If it had an auto target feature the game play would at least be bearable but as is, it's cumbersome frustraing and dissjointed.

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Eh...only Hardcore Cameron fans need apply.

posted by JimHefti (TROY, NY) Dec 5, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

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This game could have been much better, but it isn't that great. About 20 min into the game you choose between Humans and Na'Vi. I chose humans because I saw Mechs in the movie preview. Unfortunatly, as a human, you are essentially a game warden. Run around and shoot cats and flowers. With really sloppy controls. Thats pretty much waht this game boils down to. I couldn't even play long enough to try a Mech, it's just boring.

On the positive side, the jungle looks decent, supposedly it looks amazing at night, but I couldn't stay interested long enough to make it that far.

Bottom Line, if you want 3rd person Shooting, try Gears, 3rd person Melee, try AC2.

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