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Do you have a 3D TV? Me neither...

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Dec 5, 2009

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Avatar stunk. I haven't written a review for a bit because Gamefly makes it impossible to keep track of them, but I had to get that out of the way.

Unless I'm mistaken, every problem stems from laziness - to the flat vegation that "turns" with you to appear full and lush rather than actually have quality (look at it from above and you'll LAUGH!) to the AWFUL platforming where your Navi pivots around an axis on their person (because no one else will tell you that the Navi parts are really a PLATFORMER disguised as a shooter) that will cause falling to your death more times than I could count (I seriously lost count around 46 falls-no lie). If I were to guess, I'd say some real good artists swindled Cameron out of two years of development money by presenting a very flashy product promoting 3D but consisting of never ending fetch missions without every giving the player a reason why. The script is fairly terrible (within the first hour my helicopter crashed after rescuing me, of which I somehow survived, only to leave me to fight my way out of the jungle and secure a new ride - oh yeah, THAT's original) with the voices/sound not matching one another at all.

There are loads more issues that I won't bore you with because alone they ain't that big of a deal, but together break the game. Any real gamer would have seen all the problems with this game in an hour or two and the product could have been a great shooter, stealth action save/destroy the planet adventure. Instead we get a poor Lost Planet clone that has no right telling as grand a story as Cameron invisioned.

As for 3D, I'm sure it would've been great. For the, what, 3% of people with a stereoscopic TV? have fun with that. As for the rest, why even bother? What a waste of a pretty game.

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AWSOME! and Not so awsome

posted by ACRAZYEMOB (PITTSFORD, NY) Jul 3, 2010

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First off i thought this game was very fun and entertaining!!! I loved playing as the marine and going crazy! but the Na'vi part was really challenging and pretty frustrating! With the marine it was smooth going and very fair. The avatar path was kinda tough. I died way more than I did as a marine. As for the stroy line it was very frim for both ends! Also for storyline I thought the Na'vi was fighting for a better cause. The marine side, all u had to do was basicly kill every one and collect a very precious item. And its not Unabtainium. I was also a little dissapointed that only one character from the movie was incorerated into the game but other than those things THIS GAME WAS A - MAZE - ING!!!

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Very Good

This game is fun!

posted by C00LADAM (MILWAUKEE, WI) Dec 7, 2009

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Maybe it was because I went in with low expectations but I really had fun playing this game. The game looks awesome and the story i found was actually not so bad. The only thing I can say is that you should play as the RDA first, its much more familiar, a lot like lost planet actually, and more action packed. Also, then when you play as the Na'vi, you'll appreciate the game much more.

Also, make sure you checkout the Conquest mode on the teleport modules. Its actually a pretty fun and rewarding mini game.

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