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James Bond: Blood Stone - Review

posted by Jon1247 (GRANBY, MO) Apr 6, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

While I did get some enjoyment out of this game, it's overall hardly worth even a rental. I'm a major James Bond buff, but even with those credentials I found it hard to have any sort of fun while playing.

The gameplay itself is standard third-person, cover-based shooting fare with repetitive mission types. It's worth mentioning that the controls are abhorrent, with downright peculiar button mapping. A lot of the functions in the game are mapped to one button, which seems to be an annoying modern day trope in video games. Still, there is no originalty to be found in the gameplay that hasn't already been done in far better third-person shooters.

I had heard tall-tale of the chase scenes, but even those are merely pseudo-fun, at least, until you realize how scripted they actually are. The driving controls feel off, and sometimes your car will fly through the air whenever hitting a minor road bump.

Narratively speaking, this game is no On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Heck, it doesn't even rank near the film adaptation of Moonraker. It's a very boring experience. Overall, it has a very lack luster story with little to no actual spying or espionage included, which is very strange indeed considering that this is a James Bond game. I love the reboot Bond films, but the vocal performances by Daniel Craig and Judi Dench are so phoned in, I think they registered long distance charges.

All this, and not to mention the fact that the amount of glitches I encountered throughout the experience was astronomically high.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a horrid game. It functions correctly, and it accomplishes exactly what it set out to do, it's just that it's so ridiculously boring, something I didn't even think was possible with a licensed James Bond game. Skip this game, and rent something like GoldenEye 007 on Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360, or if you really want a good third person James Bond experience, then rent Everything Or Nothing, or From Russia with Love on GC, PS2

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Very Good

Awesome game

posted by NickBauer (FLORENCE, OR) Apr 24, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Extremely underrated. If you're a Bond fan, I highly recommend renting this. Not THE best Bond game but let's face it, Goldeneye for the N64 will never be surpassed.

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Very Good

jg reviews james bond 007 bloodstone

posted by battlemage (PLEASANT GROVE, AL) Mar 5, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

"Bloodstone is a videogame based on the famous 007 series of movies and books mostly the daneil craig era for this game bloodstone is well it pulled an uncharted when i say that i mean centiamatic gameplay all the set peices areas etc are like something out of a actual bond movie its not based on a movie its a solo bond aventure which is great it even as daneil craig and judy dinch from the movies to voice james and M. I wont tell you anything about the story because i would end up spoling it which i dont wanna do but what i will tell you is this game is great its actually the first 007 game that hasnt sucked goldeneye is the only bond game besides bloodstone to actually be good not a cash in its everything bond should be you get the cool toys solid action now for the lows this game has the car levels are painful because your car doesnt have a brake that works from not keeping you from running into the wall or making the wrong turn cause if you miss up or dont make the turn which happens alot game over misson failed now moving on to the less painful flaw there really isnt fighting in this game you just run up to someone press circle depending on what console you have and your enemies go down just like that yeah its not bad but it would be cool if you could fight then lead to a takedown move but overall try this game i was surprised i thought i would get another bond game i will give this game a high B+." reasons why +great bond experince it feels like a bond movie/adventure +the actors who played in the current bond films are in the game mostly daneil craig and judy dinch who plays M since the 90s era bond films - driving controls in the driving levels suck and makes you do slow turns due to that there isnt a great E brake to allow you to slide and not slow down -no actual fighting in the game just takedowns that just require you to run up to them press one simple button and there done thank you for reading this no really thank yo

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