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James Bond: Blood Stone


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Very Good


posted by FiFiX07 (GWYNN OAK, MD) Nov 9, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

This game is a 8.5!!!!... This game is fun to play and fun to watch. When you are behind the wheel is amazing, explosions everywhere and a lot of things happening at the same time. When your not behind the wheel, well you are shooting some guys, kicking some.. karate style and causing a lot of trouble. You must play this game, either if you are or not a James Bond fan (Im not a James Bond fan) but this game is great!

Do not believe in IGN review!, THIS GAME IS SOOOO MUCH FUN!

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Good but not quite up to 007 standards

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Nov 5, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2008

"James Bond: Blood Stone" could've been great. After all, it has Daniel Craig and Judi Densch reprising the roles, and Joss Stone makes a fine Bond girl in the not quite who she seems Nicole Hunter. And since MGM has gone into bankruptcy, and thus won't be making any Bond films for a couple of years, games are the only place fans of 007 will get their spy fix, so an original Bond story not based on any films is welcome. While all is not bad here (the game is definitely worth playing) all is not perfect either. Graphics for the most part are decent, though Bond and M look a bit odd, though you can tell who they are. Other characters are rendered better, but enemy soldiers tend to fall into the cookie cutter variety. Backgrounds look good, and the explosions are decent enough, though not awe inspiring. Framerate stays pretty consistent, dropping only slightly during the driving sequences. Gun combat and cover works fairly well, and the melee is fun and easy to pull off, as it takes just a touch of the Square button. Hardcore gamers may find this too easy, but casual gamers should enjoy pulling off nifty moves. The driving is equal parts exciting and frustrating. There's often a lot going on, but sometimes it's hard to see where to go. Thankfully, multiple checkpoints don't make you redo the whole thing over. Even so, you may find yourself restarting more often than you'd like due to loose controls. The story is serviceable Bond (better than the last movie) but it's not fantastic. It does have a nice twist at the end, and should keep you going. Depending on your skill, the game will only take you between 6-8 hours to complete one playthrough. There is multiplayer for those who do that, but I can't comment as I do single player only. With the length and the flaws, and no real reason to replay other than for trophies or just to redo the story, this is a rental only.

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THIS. IS. EPIC! but not very long :(

posted by Discipl (ARLINGTON, TX) Nov 4, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

ok, im a good fan of 007 because he is well, a beast. i have enjoyed almost every james bond game i have laid my hands on, but no james bond game blew me away like this one! At first glance i thought, "oh no...another third person james bond game... :( " but everything about it was meant for a thid person game! think the gameplay of slpinter cell conviction, and the intensity of uncharted 2! explosions and bodies flying and being shot at from all angles and moments to where if you dont think quick enough you wont live! normally i just look at 007 games as casual, "oh hey, i guess ill get that." if they keep this up im going to be waiting in anticipation for the next game! the driving is def. improved, but takes a little while to get used to because its actually slightly realistic. I'm not a fan of project gotham and all that, so when i heard they were making the driving i was kind of sceptical, but its very fun! every driving sequence is on the edge of your seat excitiment! now to the graphics... they are really good, except for some facial detail. the clothes and hair move including ties, and the enviroments look pretty sweet! Multiplayer? great! i love that you carry on precision shots into multiplayer! but only if you beat someone down, and no it does NOT take forever to kill somone online like gears of war. third person cover shooters online to me, are normally just annoying, but this is really fun! the stoy: if you pay attention, the story is good enough to be on the big screen! i think its a good story but not amazing, and yes it does have variety and does NOT get repetitive! this would have deserved a 10 if it had a little updated effects (but they are still really good!) and if it was longer!!! otherwise, keep making these types of james bond games!

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