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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing


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Also on:GBA, PS2, Xbox
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367 ratings

Gameplay Controls

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Control Stick Move
Control Pad Action
A Button Action
B Button Dive
X Button Punch right
Y Button Punch left
Z Button Wall hug/turn around (while rappelling)/Crouch or stand up
L Button Lock on target/next target/sniper scope
R Button Fire weapon
C Stick Look/manual aim adjust
Start/Pause Pause

Control Stick Steering, Up/Down = Adjust altitude (helicopter only), Down = Wheelie (motorcycle only)
Control Pad Left/Right = Next weapon, Up = Change camera, Down = Togle HUD map
A Button Fire weapon
B Button Activate gadget)/self destruct (RC car only)
X Button Handbrake/180 degree spin (rail mission only)
Y Button Enter/exit vehicle (only in designated areas)/Context-sensitive action (when outside vehicle)/Re-center turret (tank only)
L Button Brake/reverse
R Button Accelerate
C Stick Down = Look back, Up/Down = Raise/lower cannon (tank only), Left/Right = Rotate cannon (tank only)
Start/Pause Pause
Combo #1


NOTE: Levels are completed sequentially. To unlock a new level, complete the previous level.

TIPS: Fire in short bursts for better accuracy.

You can change targets by moving the manual aim crosshairs in the direction of the target you want to select.

Crouching behind objects in your environment can help you avoid being hit during a fire fight. You can shoot over cover while crouching.

Engaging in a wall hug and then peering around corners is an excellent way of determining if there are enemies in the vicinity while still remaining undetected.

To subdue an enemy with stealth, sneak up on him and use a hand attack from behind.

Be mindful of how you control the Q Spider. It is only silent when moving slowly.

Keep your eye on the RC Car's battery meter. The vehicle self-destructs when it runs out of power.

Bond Sense: Use Bond Sense to take a quick reading of your surroundings and obtain useful information about objects in the world around you. To enter Bond Sense, press the Control Pad left/right. The action around you slows and your inventory list appears. When in Bond Sense, push the C Stick left/right to move the camera view. Whent the interest indicator appears, press and hold the R button. Release the R button to return to a normal view. If you want to lock on to a an object of interest, use the C Stick to move the camera view. When the interest indicator appears, press and hold the L button. (NOTE: Locking on an object brings you out of Bond Sense.) Next, press the R button to shoot the object. Look for barrels and other explosive objects and use them against your enemies!