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Its awesome!

posted by Nevets01 (MADISON, TN) Apr 17, 2008

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Ok first of all, Jam sessions is not a "Game" its an instrument.
People keep saying "theres no story mode or points system", since when was there a story mode on a guitar? You dont get points for playing guitar in real life.
This a great instrument. I played it for about an hour straight. I also play the real guitar. This is great to play around with and write a few songs if you cant play the real guitar or if your just on the road or at work. You could even have a mini concert at school :)
Sure the songs suck on the game, but its just to show you how to read Guitar sheet music. its an instrument, not a game. I suggest you buy it if you like music. Im sure gonna.

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Fun Electronic Toy and Time Killer

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Sep 18, 2007

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For those of you emboldened by "Guitar Hero" but too intimidated to pick up a real guitar and attempt "Mary Had a Little Lamb", this is the next best thing.

Chords are selected via the eight directions on the D-Pad (one for each cord) and can be toggled to another eight by pressing the left shoulder button. Swiping the stylus across the virtual string on the touch screen results in the expected effect. What wasn't expected was the distinction between up and down strumming and that the speed of the strum produces a stronger sound.

By no means is this an actual game (unless you make one up for yourself). There is a song list of recent ("Yellow" by Coldplay) and past ("Surrender" by Cheap Trick) hits where the chords are detailed in order (think music sheet without having to read music), but there isn't a structured challenge or point system. Those of you waiting to store up "Star Power" will need to wait until GH3 this Fall, like the rest of us.

The freeplay is exactly what it sounds like and I spent the most time here, just experimenting. This is where Jam Sessions' greatest strength is though. You can strum away without that painful, off-key "boing" sound. Headphones can put you deeper into creative solitude too. Tools like reverb can be used as well, but was a bit complicated to use, at least for my experience with music.

Those who are musically inclined or know the guitar already would benefit the most from this title whereas people like me (the opposite) will rent it, say they've tried it and liked it, but won't likely play it again.

Children will also benefit from this title as well for very obvious reasons.

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An awesome virtual Guitar program.

posted by Yishai08 (SEATTLE, WA) Sep 21, 2007

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Guitar hero this ain't, but if you're looking for a virtual instrument you can tinker with and take on the go this is a fabulous title.

While the mechanics of playing guitar work great, (you'll be able to play the rhythm guitar for most any song) the game is lacking in some a few extra features. You'll be able to customize the look of the interface, add some electric guitar effects like distortion, sing along to your music through the microphone, record your guitar playing, and play up to 17 songs that are presented to you in tab form. The songs included do not create the greatest selection which makes the ability to add your own tabs via download or an editor sourly lacking. Also, you can only record your guitar playing, not your voice, which is incredibly odd since when you hook your DS up to speakers the vocals sound quite decent.

All and all, if you're wanting to play some rhythm guitar on the go the game's a blast. People that find playing tabs a bore should not pick up this title. The fun factor of this game is definitely for the niche. Worthy of a rental.

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