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Jake Hunter: Detective Story - Memories of the Past


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GF Rating



posted by Kenjibaby (KISSIMMEE, FL) Nov 14, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I started the game and played for a few minutes and was bored.

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GF Rating


Not a good game

posted by irishbull (PENROSE, NC) Apr 14, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

I felt as if I was reading one of those choose your own path books only no matter which path you choose you still get directed to the same page. I got bored easily with the story line and ended up quiting half way through the first story. I tried the unleashed part thinking it may be the "game" part, but no such luck. This time if you answered wrong you had to go back to the beginning again.
I wouldn't recommend this game at all.

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GF Rating

Above Average

A Fun Read, Though Not Much of a Game

posted by livinggeekchic (AURORA, IL) Apr 1, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

If you like mysteries, and other novel type games like Hotel Dusk (or even Phoenix Wright) then you will probably mildly enjoy renting this game. Similar to other games in its genre, the game is split into six cases, each with their own unique twist and characters. The main characters (who appear in all cases) are believable and interesting, while the extra players are often one-note. The dialogue is stylized in that noir way, and of course murder plays a big role here--but not every mystery is a murder.

So the mysteries are fun, the characters are good...why only a 6? My biggest complaint with this game is that is it too easy. And I mean, too easy as in this-isn't-even-really-a-game easy. You literally cannot lose. If you pick the wrong answer, the game will redirect you and let you choose again (and again, until you pick the correct answer). If you are investigating a location, you can't leave until you accomplish everything. So, basically, this is more an interactive mystery than a game. There wasn't really a lot of logic you could apply either. This game doesn't hold a candle to the deducations you need to make in a game like Phoenix Wright. And even in Hotel Dusk, you had to think about where you were going to go next, or who you had to talk to. In this game the next objective is usually obvious to you; and if not, the game tells you where to go. The game does have an extra set of "unleashed" cases (anime style, more playful than the main game) where you CAN lose. But I found these mysteries were either too obvious, or too out there. And they are much shorter than the original six cases.

So, in short, if you like mysteries, this is a decent rent. I do have to say it was addictive, in that I wanted to keep "reading." But once it's over, it's easily forgettable.

Graphics: 6. Stylized art, but downgraded for lack of animation/cutscenes.
Story: 8. The games strong point, interesting mysteries.
Sound: 4. Sometimes annoying, played with it off.
Overall: 6

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