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Jak Hts the Road, and Encounters A Few Bumps

posted by Mayflower96 (LEACHVILLE, AR) Jul 2, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

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The Jak and Daxter franchise is one that is beloved by all gamers, and has proven that it can stand the test of time with the Jak and Daxter Collection that released on the PS3. But does this Vita port fare as well? Unfortunately, no it doesn't.
There are many problems in each game. In The Precursor Legacy, the framerate issues are obvious before you even start the game. This would be fine for someone like me who values gameplay over fluid graphics, but these issues interfere with gameplay. Constantly, I found myself overshooting jumps and falling to my death because of my impaired distance judgement. Fortunately, because there are no really complex controls, the game's problems stop there.
Jak II and Jak 3 have their own share of issues. Though the framerate is much better, it still gets a bit jumpy in fast-paced segments. The problems mainly come from the lack of the triggers (L2 and R2) and the analog toggles (L3 and R3). The game tries to make up for these handicaps by moving these functions to the back touchpad. This sounds like a good idea, but it's poorly executed. The game does almost nothing to tell you where and how to touch the touchpad. Even now, I can only activate boosts during races in Jak 3 through sheer luck, but I don't want to try because the back touchpad also puts you in first-person view, which I do not prefer.
As far as glitches in all of these games, the camera moves outside of the map when I'm near a wall, but I never had to load up my file again.
Even with those issues, this is decent. The games are the same as they've always been, and no touch controls have been forced minus the touchpad substitute for the triggers and analog stick toggles.
These games will always be fun no matter what, but this port offers too many issues to make the games as fun as they used to be.
This is only my experience. Maybe I'm just stupid and the touch controls are really basic and fun. Either way, rent before you consider buying.

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Same Jak, but unfortunate reformat

posted by FFCollector (EDGEWOOD, MD) Nov 28, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

It's the same old Jak and Daxter games back on the small screen. The games are just as I remember all the fun of lurkers, metal heads, KG, and desert marauders. When they re-formatted the game for Vita they didn't dial down the audio or video so it's quite glitchy seeing as how it is a full screen game shrunk down and compacted, data is bound to get jumbled. It doesn't REALLY effect the gameplay except at certain points. The games have also been modified to use the touchscreen ability, a decision that's not for the best. It doesn't tell you what the touchscreen controls are detailed enough just a picture of a finger on the screen. If I had the choice I wouldn't use the touch screen at all. However, being that the hoverboard use as well as Dark/Light Jak are controlled with the touch pad AND needed for story progression it is unavoidable. I would recommend this as a good game for on the go, but if you just want to play these games, get them on the PS3

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