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Jade Empire is very good on 360 (BC)

posted by vduke300 (VAN NUYS, CA) Apr 9, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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I have this game on Xbox 360 Using BC and it works great. just a few miner movie glitches.
The game itself is a fun adventure. the Gpx are Great for an Xbox game.
my only complaint is that the fighting in the game can get very frustrating at times. but over all this is a great game and if you have a 360 it is a good game for the Backwards Combatabilty.

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Kung Fu RPG. Fun as it sounds.

posted by Kimoon (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Jan 2003

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My Status: Beaten oMy Status: Beaten once ~20
Difficulty: Easy~Medium

Jade Empire is an RPG set in the Far East. This setting gives Jade Empire a unique RPG experience not only in terms of the story but also in the locale you visit, people you meet and most notably in the way you fight your enemies.

Jade Empire is interesting because you actually get to fight your enemies using the many styles of Kung Fu that you can learn throughout the game. There are four different types and each type has about 5 styles. Which style you use is entirely up to you except some enemies are immune to certain types of attack. The game will have you changing style on the fly which is easily done using the D+Pad. Even thought the fighting engine is very simple the new styles you learn keeps the fighting fresh.

Jade Empire also has many ways to solve each quest. There is also two path to follow. Way of the open fist or the close fist. Depending on which path you follow certain quest and styles will not be available to you. It does kind of add replay value to a short game.

The problem with Jade Empire is that even thought the story is interesting, the game is short. The other problem is that the first 3 Chapters of the game will take about 80% of your time while the next 3 Chapters are rather short. Those chapters seem rushed and it is a very anti-climatic 3 Chapters after all the great build up in the first 3 Chapters.

The other problem is that the Way of the Open Fist and Closed Fist path is not fully flushed out as it should have been. For example you can be Closed Fist the whole game but at the very end you can choose to be Open Fist and you will see the Open Fist ending.

Jade Empire is a great game and the novelty of a Kung Fu fighting game definitely makes it worth while to play through. Unfortunately it is rather short and because the two paths was not designed as well as it should have been it makes a second run through optional instead of desirable.

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A holiday tradition

posted by dsach00 (DULUTH, GA) Oct 21, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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I got this game the year it came out around christmas time, I have fond FOND memories of sitting there looking out the window watching the snow fall as my game loaded then proceeding to play until my eyes hurt. This game is bar none the best bioware game for the original xbox. Now i know KOTOR is out there and some of you may say well what makes this better than that masterpiece. First of all the combat is so entirely different from any game i've ever played. I think there are like 2 weapons you can get in the game or maybe buy some more later but anyway the whole game is played pretty much just busting people in the lip with your hands and feet. Also the ability to turn into a frog demon or a skeleton horse is freaking sick. The characters you meet are some of the best in any game i've ever played. I felt so attached to them and there are decisions you have to make in the game that make you feel like junk either way because you can't please all of your "friends". I slip this game in ever christmas break and play it through and it is a great experience each time. The only gripe I have is that i wish it were longer or atleast let you continue game play after the main story line is over....but hey they can't all be oblivion can they. Also another complaint is that once it is beaten, you will want to play it again but there really is no experience with this game like the first time you play it

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