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Jade Empire

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Alternate title screen

Finish the game for a Dirge-themed title screen.

Bonus dialog

Finish the game and allow the credits to continue until the end to hear extra dialog from various characters.

Dragonfly mini-game

Always select "Attack" between each chapters and After finishing the Dragonfly missions you will unlock the Dragonfly mini-game at the main menu.

Paralyzing Palm support style

When you visit the Black Leopard School at the Imperial City, you will fight four students. Defeat them and you will talk to the first brother. Agree to join the school and support the Open Palm Master. You will end up fighting the Closed Fist Master. Afterwards, the Open Palm Master will teach you Paralyzing Palm and give you the items that the Closed Fist Master promised you.

Technique from Sweet Poison Ivy

When you enter the arena fights, do not lose any matches before becoming champion to gain a strong technique.

Imperial Arena reward

When fighting in the Imperial Arena choose not to poison Crimson Khana. If you manage to defeat her fairly, she will reward you with a powerful weapon.

The Gaze Of The Lion

Instead of destroying the altar in Li's house, take the coin you get from it. Take it around back to the old master's tomb. Put a coin in the bowl and get the lion medallion. Take the token back around to the statue and place it in the lion's mouth. Then, use the statues to make the color combinations. You will receive "The Gaze Of The Lion" Free Mantra.

Ice Shard style

When training to be a Lotus Assassin, talk to the woman that you replaced to be a trainer. See what she has for sale. In her wares, she has the Ice Shard style. Buy it and you can control fire and ice; or if you start with ice then you will get fire from her.