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Jade Cocoon 2

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Getting an easy start

Obtaining an advantage when starting your game, you need to choose to take a Fire monster and start in the Earth Forest. When you get other monsters, your attacks will be far higher than other wild monsters and you will have an easier transition no matter what elemental forest you choose.

Getting easy money

Go to the Barren Earth, the fourth Earth Forest. When you get there inside, at quite few of the Ogre Vines there will be either a Cute Gem or a Lovely Gem which sell for good money.

Getting a water Drac

After beating Levant in the Dark Forest. Now, Cure will be back to being human. Talk to her and after a little while she will post a job on the work board saying that the reward will be a Drackich (Water Drac). Water Drac cannot be created at item merging.

How to get Metallic Divine Beasts

When your divine beast needs just one more line on the evolution meter, you have to merge it either with the fourth evolution (kalma that you\'ve got the cocoon from)or merge it with a kalma that has the same attack as your 3rd evolution. Example: If your beast has the attack Burn Crash merge it with a Knucklchu. The Metallic Monster will have all the stats kinda low except it\'s best stat will be more than 250 for sure. My Kakabone has a speed of 400.