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Iron Phoenix


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Gameplay Controls

Iron Phoenix

Directional Pad Move Character. Navigate Through Menus.
Left Thumbstick Move Character. Navigate Through Menus. Click to Jump. Click Twice to Double Jump.
Right Thumbstick Move Camera. Target Lock/Unlock (Click).
A Button Jump. Press Twice to Double Jump.
B Button Dash. Light Step. Roll Recovery. Float.
X Button Horizontal/Light Attack
Y Button Vertical/Heavy Attack
White Button Scoreboard
Black Button Grab and Hold Object/Opponent
Left Trigger Block. Drop From Wall.
Right Trigger Radial HUD Inventory Menu
Start Optiona Menu
Back Radial HUD. Taunt Menu.

A Button A, A = Double Jump (Requires Stamina). A + X = Chi Flare (Requires Chi).
B Button Roll Recovery
Y Button Y + B = Dual Weapon Attack
Left Trigger Pull and Hold to Block

A Button A + B = Energized Mode (Requires Chi)
B Button B + Left Thumbstick or D-Pad = Dash. B + Left Thumbstick or D-Pad = Light Step. Run Toward a Wall and Continue Holding B + Left Thumbstick to Run Up Wall. Once on the Wall Press X or Y for Wall Attack. B, A = Cloudtread (Requires Stamina).
X Button Press X (When Holding Enemy or Object) = Horizontal Throw. Press and Hold X and Y (When Holding Enemy or Object) = Chi Super Throw.
Y Button Press Y (When Holding Enemy or Object) = High Throw
Black Button Picking Up/Throwing Opponents/Objects (Requires Stamina). Release Enemy/Object.
Left Trigger Pull Left Trigger (When Holding Enemy or Object) to Use Opponent as Human Shield