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Iron Man


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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by 7dustfan (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Jun 11, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

Crapptastic movie game. Repetitive action, sub-par gameing, and horrible animations. It was like SEGA spent all their resources on getting the rights to the title knowing that we would buy the game. Thank god for Gamefly, now I can safely try out a game and not get boned outta my $60.

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GF Rating


neat, briefly

posted by Twist3D (BATON ROUGE, LA) Jun 5, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

Well, it started out pretty cool. Getting to fly around and such. Graphics look great and battle damage is really cool. Problems: 1) invert the look does not invert it during flight. 2) AI gets stuck frequently. 3) game froze once while loading end mission stuff, had to repeat mission (360 has never frozen on me before, shocking, I know). 4) confusing missions at times (you are told you have options, but not how to perform them and yes you could use a walk thru, but the game should better explain things).

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GF Rating


Too much for even Iron Man...

posted by HvnsAngel (ENUMCLAW, WA) Jun 2, 2008

Member since Jun 2006

I rented this title after seeing the film to avoid any plot spoilers and to be honest I really liked it! I really got the feeling that I was Iron Man! The flight controls were solid the weapon and suit customization while not huge was a nice addition I thought for once I'd have a great movie tie in then it all went wrong. The level became extremely repediition and the enemies became extremely overwhelming. At 1st it was as it should be Iron Man taking on hordes of enemies with the occasionally knock down then it turned in to too many enemies, over powered hits, and alot of "WTH?!" I found myself going from Iron Man to Hit and Run Man. Level turned in to fire a few shots then run for cover to heal or you'd get a handle on an area and then what seemed like hundred of guys would appear from no where and bombard you with bullets and missles only to die within a few seconds and be left scratching your head wondering what happened. This good have been a great game closely similar to Hulk:Ultimate Destruction with upgradable talents, missles and enemy grapples in addition to tight flight and attack controls. But with over powered and outnumbering enemies and repetitive missions. This game holds up as well as the the MACH I suit. Lots of potential and packs a punch but too many flaws to hold up to but a real action title.

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