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Iron Man


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Gameplay Controls

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Iron Man
Directional Button
Up = Life Support. Down = Weapons. Left = Thrusters. Right = Melee.
Left Analog Stick
Right Analog Stick
Look. Turn.
X Button
Dodge. Boost.
Square Button
Special Defense
Triangle Button
Fire Auxiliary Weapon
Circle Button
Melee. Grapple.
L1 Button
Fly Forward
L2 Button
Hover (Pull Halfway). Increase Altitude (Pull).
R1 Button
R2 Button
Fire Main Weapon
Start Button
Pause Menu
Select Button
Show Objectives
Barrel Roll
Air Brake
While flying, let go of the L1 Button and pull the L2 Button all the way.
Missile Catch/Hurl
While hovering, press the Circle Button at the right time. Then use the Right Stick to hurl the missile.