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Really Bad

a real disapointment

posted by mnpov18 (WOODBURY, CT) May 9, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

I had high hopes for this game cuz the movie was just awesome in every way. As soon as i started playing the game i knew it was gonna be bad. Not only was the game really easy from the missions i did, for a ps3 or xbox360 game the graphics were not good at all, the only thing that looked somewhat descent was the suit and the cut scenes which weren't that good either. The first mission, i just started laughing at how bad it was. The reason i say that was here you have a guy putting on a metal suit that weights close to 100-200 lbs if not more, in the movie he had trouble walking let alone running, here he is running and jumping like hes lighter than air. Now i know it would have been stupid to make it like the movie where you could only walk real slow but basically what they did here is make it so unbelievable that you could not enjoy being iron man at least from my point of view, also the levels had no depth or real design, buildings looked like cardboard cut outs, and cars looked like boxes. The AI was pathetic, they just kept respawning and shooting at you which caused little to no damage all it caused was aggravation. The only good points of the game was how you were able to customize the suit however you liked before every mission and how you were able to push one of the directional keys to assign power to a specific system to grant more power(i.e. thrusters, melee, weapons) the flying was also pretty cool but the weapons were weird, the unibeam looked cool but when you fired missiles, they would just appear over the suit like they miraculously appeared in the sky. I would avoid this game altogether but i'm sure there are gonna be some who really like this game. but unfortunately i did not.

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GF Rating


Here we go again

posted by JCDRAC (TOWNSEND, TN) May 8, 2008

Member since Sep 2003

Can you say Superman with weapons. Well if you cant Iron Man does it for you. That is basically what kind of game this is you have ability to destroy things with your hands (tanks cars etc)and you can fly. yes you do have a flamethrower and missiles and a few other things but it is in my opinion still a Superman type game with weapons.

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