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Really, don't play this, it encourages them...

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) May 6, 2010

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Iron Man 2 is a terrible game. Rarely have I laughed so hard while having such a bad time, so I felt the need to share.

The graphics actually hurt my eyes - as in nothing looked liked it belonged together at all and trying to figure out what things were was nearly impossible causing my eyes pain. Character models were strikingly good - so much so that when the non-main character models like random pilots were highlighted, they looked much worse - while environments were messy, enemies were difficult to see and the camera is fairly miserable. After playing several other games released this year, I questioned several times while playing IM2 if it was actually 2010 and not still 2006.

The gamebreaker, however, is IM's targeting system - apparently Jarvis (IM's electronic butler/onboard computer) is incapable of keeping a lock-on anything not directly in front of IM. Combat is one long struggle of keeping IM pointed directly at said target without touching the right thumb stick because that will change targets. REALLY? The camera control auto targets at will making destroying a single target nearly impossible if it moves at all, not to mention his Unibeam, which rarely connects.

And did anyone ask why the character model of Miss Potts looks NOTHING like Gwenyth Paltrow when IM & Warlord (Downey Jr. in movie but a different voice actor who plays IM in Marvel's animated series - did a good job - and Cheadle respectively) look EXACTLY like their movie counter parts?

I admit I couldn't get thru the whole thing (I did, however, get thru the entire 1st IM and rather enjoyed it, but not this one). There is a whole lot more wrong with the game, but really, just save yourself the time, disappoinment, and eye pain and just skip this one. I'm really sorry I played it, really glad I have Gamefly and feel VERY good about sending it right back.

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posted by armored06 (MONROVIA, CA) May 18, 2010

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I was really looking forward playing this game. Do yourself a favor and dont rent it. It truly feels like they made another Superman (or superman 64 as many people knows it) Trust me this game is not even worth a rental. Play the demo from xbox live and you will see. They did achieved something with this game. They proved that even with a next gen hardware, it is possible to make a game with the quality of 2 gens ago.

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just bad

posted by cov331 (FREMONT, OH) Jan 8, 2012

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the game was litteraly opened up taken out of the package and shipped back in 5 minutes later. the controls just did not go well at all! the graphics were so so, but better from the first one. but the game was horrible i would not suggest this to ANYONE!

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