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Invent, customize and equip.

Iron Man 2 features a system that forces you to first invent weapons before you can add them to your inventory, and you can only equip items on your suit once they are in your inventory. The multi-step process can be confusing, but you should become familiar with walking through it. As you clear missions, you'll receive field research points. When you are returned to your hangar, start by purchasing the best stuff that you can afford after the previous mission, then purchase weaker stuff to spend any remaining points. Once you've added new moves and weaponry to your repertoire, you'll need to equip it to the appropriate suit before you accept your next mission. Some of the best gear is far too expensive to purchase early in the game, so don't even worry about it. Just buy what you can and keep soldiering forward. You'll reach the end of the game in fine condition and once you no longer need it, you'll be able to buy the best equipment.

Boss Battle Strategy: Arc Armiger

For this Armiger battle, you need to focus your attacks (as possible) on that behemoth of a machine, but doing so is difficult because you'll be constantly assaulted by weaker suits of armor that get on your tail and won't let off until you have eliminated them. Take out a first swarm of those as quickly as possible to eliminate that ridiculous nuisance, then return your attention to the Armiger as it makes its way along the deck. When you target the Armiger with a volley of missiles, you will often draw its shots to you. That's what you want. When you're targeted, you will see missiles speeding toward you and that's your chance to deflect them. If you spend too much time battling the other units that are moving around the area, you'll leave the Armiger free to tend to its primary purpose: destroying the helicarrier. There's a life meter along the top of the screen for the Armiger and also one for the carrier that you are tasked with defending. The trick to the battle is to use your projectiles to keep the Armiger aware of your presence and actively interested in stopping you so that you can also continue to deflect those missiles. Occasionally, you'll have no choice but to break away from your engagement with the Armiger to tend to the pesky pods and armor suits that otherwise will chip steadily away at your life meter, but you should do what you can to make sure that those interruptions are brief and that (if possible) they happen a good distance from the main structure on the cruiser where the battle takes place. Lure the Arc Armiger toward the end of the cruiser where the battle began whenever possible so that it has to work harder to do any real damage to the main building. When you have damaged your foe enough (around a quarter of his total life meter should suffice), it will turn green as waves of energy course over its frame. During such moments, your shots won't do any harm against the Armiger and some pods will launch from its hunched over form. These w

Boss Battle Strategy: ULTIMO

This entire stage is just a boss battle. It's a long one, though, with numerous checkpoints and challenges throughout, so prepare yourself for a grand finale. Following some introductory cutscenes, the mission begins with you right in the thick of things. The battle will play out in several phases. As the first phase begins, you'll find yourself controlling War Machine. He's flying around in front of a giant robot. That would be ULTIMO. As Iron Man flies inside to try and wreak havoc on your adversary from the inside, you'll need to play cat and mouse on the outside. ULTIMO has several attacks at this stage. He will occasionally swing his massive fist around, but it moves pretty slowly. You should be able to see it coming and that means that you should be able to boost out of the way. Similarly easy to avoid are laser beams that ULTIMO fires from his eyes. These typically follow a horizontal path along the screen. You can steer clear by moving lower or higher and then boosting to either side. ULTIMO also sometimes bends forward and you'll see some activity around his mouth. Back away and to the side now, as he'll soon emit a destructive orange wave of energy. You don't want to be close at hand when that attack comes. Finally, there are occasional volleys of missiles to worry about. ULTIM fires them from his hand. You'll know that a swarm of missiles is coming when you see him raise his hand like a traffic cop. Use the shots that follow as ammunition by deflecting them so that they fire back at your foe. This first portion of the struggle against ULTIMO shouldn't last long if you play smart. Start by heading toward his right side. He'll probably raise his hand and fire a bunch of missiles. Deflect the lot of them, which will potentially cause your foe to stagger. Fly up close to him but approach from above so that he's beneath you and you're looking down on his head and shoulders. Now look along his body and there should be areas that you can target along his uppe

The ground is often a better place to be than the sky.

When you're on the ground, your weapons refill more quickly. You can still dodge to either side quite easily and because you're not worrying so much about orienting the camera on a vertical axis, it's easier to focus on a given target without the need for camera readjustment.

Lock on, then engage.

You can lock your shots onto an enemy if you're close enough and there's really no other way to do things. Your shots will tend to go wild if you're not locked onto a foe, only occasionally hitting their mark. More often, they'll hit the area where your foe was positioned at the time you shot, but if you're firing from a distance that won't do well at all. When you lock onto foes, you can continue to harm them as long as you're reasonably close and your heat-seeking missiles are equipped (as they should be).

When in doubt, deflect.

Many of the tougher enemies in the game can be defeated if you lock onto them and then hit them with a barrage of missiles, but that's not always necessary. A lot of enemies such as the Armiger tanks that you'll frequently fight will send out volleys of missile fire that you can see coming with time to spare. Quickly shield yourself from those blasts and they'll often fly back to their source (particularly if you've locked onto said force), essentially giving you a bunch of free hits.

Know the difference between health and shields.

If you find yourself dying in combat a lot, it probably means that you took too many hits in rapid succession. A defensive approach is usually the one to take in the game because then you'll take damage at a less frequent rate. That gives your shields time to regenerate. Before your core health level drops, your shields must be eliminated. That means that if you take only occasional damage, you can get through a stage with full (or nearly full) health. That's good because your health doesn't refill and any checkpoints that you activate will save your current health level. If you take a lot of damage to your life meter, you can progress most of the way through a stage only to lose at the end because a checkpoint saved your condition when it was poor.

Boss Battle Strategy: Roxxon Armiger

Roxxon Armiger is a large tank on legs that will walk around on the canyon floor. Your job is the same as always: to hit it with missiles while avoiding the missiles that it sends cruising your way. The trick to defeating the Roxxon Armiger is to fly down to the ground. There, you can run around firing missiles and backing away easily if the tank decides to rush you. As you fire your various bullets, regularly tap the button that allows you to deflect missiles. You'll see an indicator on-screen as they're about to collide with you, but you can just repeatedly tap the button and that'll ensure that you send all missiles back to the tank. When you have almost defeated the tank and it has only a sliver of health remaining, you can take to the air and press the button indicated on the tank itself to deal a killing blow.

Boss Battle Strategy: Armiger

By now, battling the Armiger shouldn't prove too difficult for you. Its tactics haven't really changed from those employed by previous vehicles of its kind, though it does seem to fire lasers with increased frequency. To defeat the Armiger, simply keep moving left and right in front of it, targeting multiple points along its body with your missiles as your ammunition supply replenishes. You want to be careful about getting too close, since the Armiger sometimes will skitter toward you and pounce you if you get within range (just mash the button indicated on-screen to break free if that happens). As you fire missiles, make sure that you keep tapping the button that allows you to deflect shots fired by the Armiger. Deflected shots will contribute as much to the machine's demise as your own shots will, if you play properly. Then when your shots stop doing any damage and only a sliver of health remains on the Armiger's life meter, launch into the air and finish it off with a special attack.

Boss Battle Strategy: Crimson Dynamo

Crimson Dynamo is a tough opponent for this early stage in the game. Depending on your condition when you reached the checkpoint, you may also find yourself entering combat with low shields. If that's the case, your first order needs to be avoidance as your shields regenerate. When it comes time to actually inflict damage on your opponent, you have to worry about a few attacks. Crimson Dynamo floats around in the air and he will occasionally fly toward you and hammer you into the ground if you're not already in the air at that point. Begin by making sure that you launch into the air, then. You don't have to move quickly at that point. Just hover in circles that take you around the reddish column towering in the center of the area. Start by taking out the weak points along that column. There are three of them, along the top, center level and base. Destroy them with missile shots as you circle around the column, then turn your attention to Crimson Dynamo himself. You need to hit him with missile barrages throughout the remainder of the fight as you avoid his attempts to decimate your life meter. The attacks that you need to worry most about are a magnetic forcefield that will send you flying toward your opponent (just make sure to gain or lose elevation and hopefully you'll sweep right past him) and occasional bursts of laser fire. The latter shouldn't be an issue if you keep moving. Once you have almost defeated Crimson Dynamo, your friend will come in to help finish the job. Since there's a welcome distraction, keep firing missile barrages at Crimson Dynamo to finish him off before he can inflict much damage on your pal. Note that if you fail to act quickly enough, your buddy will bite the dust and you'll have to reattempt the battle from the beginning. Not cool.

Boss Battle Strategy: PROTEAN Hybrid

You'll need to battle the PROTEAN Hybrid that had Jarvis all worked up, which sounds like it could make for a challenging fight. It doesn't actually work out nearly as badly as it could have, though. Your foe is a large mech that moves relatively slowly and relies mostly on projectile attacks. To win the fight, you can deflect most projectiles (you'll see the button indicator flash on-screen when the time is right to do so). That will cause your foe to hunch over in a moment of weakness, which is a good point to move in and inflict some damage in the manner that you see fit. Your foe isn't going to limit his attacks to easily deflected projectiles, however. He also fires a blue laser beam that will slowly track your movement through the corridor. You should make sure that you move quickly to avoid contact with it, since getting caught in its path for long at all can prove disastrous. A final concern is the PROTEAN Hybrid's ability to heal itself, which it should put to use around halfway through the fight. There's not anything that you can do to prevent that occurrence, unfortunately. When you see it healing, the instructions along the bottom of the screen will advise you to run. That's precisely what you should do. Cruise down the corridor with the hybrid chasing after you. As you flee, you'll come to a wide chamber with a console. Doors on either side of the console lead to a dead-end room where there are three more points of interest. You need to activate each of those points by pressing the buttons and directions indicated on-screen as you approach them. By the time all three are activated, you're probably in battle with the hybrid again, since it will have followed you. Now you need to damage it again so that its life meter drops toward its halfway point once more. Now you can backtrack to the previous room with the console and activate it. If you did so quickly enough (probably while your foe was stunned from deflected attacks), you'll win the fight immedi