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Very Good

great game

posted by cromostone (UNIONTOWN, OH) May 20, 2010

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Iron Man 2 is a pretty fun game until after you beat it then it becomes a bit boring after a while. but the characters are good but isn't exactly like the movie but still pretty fun

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Above Average

Iron Man 2 Game < Iron Man 1 Game

posted by AngryNinja (SAN CLEMENTE, CA) Jul 28, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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First I'd like to say the first game was better. You got a machine gun, and you could fly whenever you want to. You could also play as Iron Man's Silver suit.

In the 2nd one, though, you just had repulsors, rockets, and the uni-beam. You can only hover, and in the 1st you could hover as high as you wanted to, whereas in the 2nd, you can only hover ten feet or so off the ground.

I was expecting some 2-player action, too. You can play as the War Machine, which is good, but you cant have a 2nd player jump in as the War Machine.

So I give it a 6 (above average).

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Above Average

Not the Iron Man I Want to be

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 7, 2010

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If this is what it’s like to be Iron Man, then I might want to stop playing that song “I am Iron Man” by Black Sabbath.
Iron Man 2 on the Wii is not much more than your basic 3D plat former minus the jumping; you wander about from point A to point B, battle soldiers and robots, solve one type of puzzles, and find collectable items (trophies in this case)
After completing each level, you can upgrade Iron Man/War Machine by giving them different rockets, upgraded hover abilities, a better lock on, and so on.
And go on to the next level and do the same thing over again.
True, there are a few rail shooting levels, but you don’t fly like you did in the original Iron Man video game for the Wii. The game developers just cut out the flight part - the most fun part - of being Iron Man (or War Machine). They should’ve fixed it.
I would also like to see more differences between playing Iron Man and War Machine.
And it would’ve been great if there was 2 player co-op where one player is Iron Man, and the other is War Machine.
Instead, we get the single player, button mashing action that gets very stale very quickly, and after finishing the game (a little more than six hours for me), there’s no reason for me to give this game another go.
Iron Man 2 for the Wii gives simple fun, but it is not worth $50 of my hard earned cash. RENT IT

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