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Much better

posted by MDHG212 (JOPLIN, MO) May 4, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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Well, most of us know, that the first Iron Man game wasn't exactly GOTY material and we didn't expect it to be. We did, however, expect to get a well made Iron Man game. We didn't get that either. While the first game wasn't bad, the second one outdoes it one every level.

Iron Man 2 is fun! Pure and simple. The flight is much easier and enjoyable. The customization comes close to rivaling Army of Two's weapons customization. The story is not based on the movie! They say 5% of the movie is in the game. Well those 5% are the likenesses and voices performed by two actors from the movie. That's it. That being said, this is not a movie game. You have an entirely new storyline and different enemies.

Now it's time for the bad stuff.
The controls are a little hard at first but once you get them down, it's a piece of cake. Customizing your suit is a little tedious but the same goes for it. The biggest drawback is the story. It's very short. You can blow through this game in about 5 hours or so. But you can play it at least twice due to the fact that you can choose to be either Tony or Rhodie for most of the missions therefore giving you different dialogue throughout the game. The animation is a little tough on the eyes as well especially during the cut scenes but that's not why you'll play this game.

You'll play this game for the pure exhilaration of blowing stuff up and being Iron Man or War Machine! Very simple. If you've got some time to spare then check this one out. It's fun, short, and to the point.

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One day

posted by Undien1 (SMITHFIELD, VA) May 7, 2010

Member since May 2010

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One day Iron man will get a decent game, this by far was not. Again dissapointed in the game controls, and the stiffness of flying. Do not get me wrong this game has potential but I really feel let down and gave this one a chance thinking SEGA learned from their mistakes and boy was I wrong. There was not much to enjoy so the 3 rating was merely for the story and actor voicing, the rest well again I hope one day Iron Man gets beefed up and hopefully by the same company who turned the Spiderman series around.

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Really Bad

fool me once shame one you.twice shame on me

posted by vandal (MODESTO, CA) Jun 1, 2010

Member since Jun 2006

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not good....hoooorrrriibbbuuuullll

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