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Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine


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It's a port from the DS for Chrissakes!

posted by yourself (Battle Creek, MI) Feb 21, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

This game was terrible.


Sucked like a Hoover

Seriously. It SUCKS!

I love the show. I love Alton Brown, kitchen stadium, the whole works...

Really, REALLY sucks.

I'll play Cooking Mama. I'll cook for real. I'll watch YOU cook...

But it suck diddly-ucked, Flanders!

The Good: It said "Iron Chef" at the beginning and Alton + the Chairman did the voice work.

The Not Good: EVERYTHING ELSE! The animation is worse than my Gameboy Advance. The voice overs are awful. The gameplay is repetitive and dull. The character selection is c-rap. The challenges are EXACTLY the same every time. The pathetic motions gave me carpal tunnel and, somehow, the f.arts. I can't even explain how that happened, but it was so bad I stunk personally.

No fun on any mode, level or difficulty, it's the same piece of 'sweetbreads' on every setting and level.

We thought "Let's rent it, it'll be one of those games that you wouldn't buy because it'll bore you after a few weeks". I wish... we didn't even finish one GAME. I put it back in the next morning to play single player because I thought "maybe we missed something."

Nope. Just c-r-a-p.

Avoid, avoid, AVOID this game.

Let me restate: I love Alton, the Chairman and the show. This game is JUNK. Seriously, it looks and plays like it was ported from the Gameboy DS, maybe the Atari. Just try the "sprinkle!" or "Sauce" actions, it's a pathetic at gameplay and will make you vomit.

Or far.t... Still can't explain those.

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posted by Badjoke (Houston, TX) Feb 13, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

It plays a lot like cooking Mama, but the voices are a lot less irritating. The things is, I didn't like the claymation-looking, no-animation-having characters. Voices were great, and having the Chairman and Alton Brown made for some entertainment. Nice try, but replay value is almost nil.

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Get Cooking Mama instead

posted by mikelerch (SCHENECTADY, NY) Feb 11, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

This game has a lot of potential, but is handicapped by two things: the controls are slow and clunky, and this concept has already been done better by the Cooking Mama series.

I loved the Alton Brown commentary, and if the controls were at least as good as Cooking Mama I would prefer this game.

It's worth noting that even Cooking Mama is clunky on the Wii compared to the great DS versions.

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