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Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine


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Could be better...

posted by mandasabs (BRICK, NJ) Dec 8, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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I actually bought this game because I absolutely love cooking games as well as the show! I am enjoying playing it, but expected a bit more from it. I get annoyed that the intro to each challenge is exactly the same, though am happy that you can skip over it. Would be nice if they had more meal choices for each "secret ingredient" and if Alton Brown didn't talk so much during each cooking activity. Plus, I would also like it if you had more choices on how things are served.
All in all the game is definitely worth playing if you like cooking games or Iron Chef America, but don't be suprised if you don't love every aspect of it.

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Could be much better

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Jan 11, 2009

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The show Iron Chef America is pretty cool. The game is something entirely different. First off let me say that this game isnt bad at all. But saying that its also not good at all. It has some cool things like you actually chop the food and really make it, which is different from H.ells Kitchen. By the way i put the period in H.ells because it wont let me put it in here without it. But as for this game the graphics are decent for the Wii. A downside for this game is theres no online which i think couldve been fun. Besides chopping food and some other things you can do to make food, theres almost nothing else to do in this game. So when ever youve done everything in this game thats about it. So overall this game is fun for the first few hours your playing it, but then it just gets boring. So if youve havnt played the other few good games out for the Wii play those. Otherwise try this game out, but you prouble shouldnt buy it.

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Not hiring any of these "Iron Chefs"

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 14, 2008

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Member since Jan 2008

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"Whose Cuisine Reigns Supreme?" After going through several matches with Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine, I thought "What game turns real lame?"
Iron Chef America for the Wii plays out much like Cooking Mama and Order Up! You play several mini games where you chop, slice, boil sauce, plate, and do other culinary tasks.
Problem is, that's all I do in this game; the ingredients never really come together to form a dish.
The matches start with me selecting dishes, then I play dozens of mini games, one after another after another.
Some of the mini games are mind numbingly easy; chopping, slicing and grating uses simple, repetitive gestures of the Wiimote, and they're the best parts of the game.
But other tasks get hard due to clunky controls, namely boiling things, saucing dishes and using the mixer.
At the end of the matches, I get comments from the judges that do not indicate how they score the meals I or my opponent create. I would win, move on to the next match and the whole process repeats itself.
After three matches, I got bored with the whole experience.
Adding to my misery are the cut scenes. Iron Chef America, the video game, has too much ham in it. The drama is pumped up far too much and the judges demand too much of the spotlight. Heck, even the host and the Chairman go too far over the top.
If you're looking for a cooking game for the Wii, go get Order Up! and skip Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine

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