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Huge faults but still kinda fun

posted by Ronpthompson (NEWARK, NJ) Oct 6, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

It's not that the game is horrible (ok - the controls ARE horrible), it's just that it could have been so much better. I really hope they make a part two to this game because the who anti-gravity physics engine is pretty cool, it's just the story, controls, guns are lame. It needs a reboot.

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Great concept, lacking gameplay & story elements.

posted by hevinlyreign (SPOKANE, WA) Sep 21, 2012

Member since May 2012

I had high hopes for this game. At first, I was intrigued by the concept that up can be down, and you can battle across multiple platforms of terrain, well, that doesn't happen as much or as often as it should in this game.

To me, this game is a weak version of Gears of War. The game play, especially the running and combat is a mirror image of Gears of War. It is nice to have a game of that type ported to the PS3, though it was done terribly wrong.

The graphics are not up to date with similar or older released games. It is a terrible arcade game, knowing now that it is made my Namco, I should have known better to think of it more like a Time Crisis style of game in comparison to the graphics. The characters and the environment are cold, hard and lifeless.

The game play is useless and harsh. You are often pinned down with no where to go. I died way too often, and returned it before completion.

The story is typical. A guy, a regular beat cop and his annoying care-for-nothing partner end up having the save the entire world, based on the fact that the main character needs to find his daughter. The voice acting is terrible, and the character facial expressions are dull and boring.

The game takes place a time over a month, from which you start driving down the street and then later end up in some other worldly place, all along, your character doesn't change. I know that after 30 days of not shaving and running through lots of terrain changes, I would look like a hobo, not just a dirty ken doll. What I am getting at, is that I cannot imagine it is that much work for a studio to add some extra dirt and rips on the clothing the character is wearing. I mean even give the character some different clothes 30 days later. Little pieces of detail like this, to me makes a game that much better. Imagine a game keeping desert camo on a character going through the jungle or snow. That would be unforgivable. Even adding these details would still make this game unbearab

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Really Bad


posted by mat5653 (BOISE, ID) Aug 29, 2012

Member since Sep 2010

Has anyone ever mentioned "Gears of War rip-off"? Cuz it truly is, & it's a baad one at that.From the exact control scheme(Hold X/A to run[Same lowered camera angled too],O/B to melee,etc),to abnormally large knife-attached guns & character feet(idk why),GoW will no doubt come to mind.They even have that rare "Choose left or right path" option that GoW throws at you 4 times in the game.
But what GoW achieves,Inversion fails to do -- An interesting, creative story. Here's inversion: Earth invaded randomly by lutadores (which happen to look like GoWs enemy characters), cop seperated from daughter, cop goes to rescue daughter, daughter happens to be taken to enemy mothership, random robots appear out of nowhere & attack everyone, and blah blah. That's it. But ohh the REAL twister, is that when you somehow come to be in the enemies huge base, you take a magic shuttle to outer space. And guess what's out there? Our Earth [which is flat] in techy-created dome. (Keep in mind, this is set in the future)
It was so bad i didn't even know why anything happened. Seperate random events were just thrown in piece-by-piece with no significance to any 'main' story.
Another gameplay piece they threw in & butchered, was the "come-back boss". At least, thats what it seemed like. There's 1 extremely fat guy that you fight 4 or 5 times. Now, idk if it was just a copied appearance on a different boss, or the same one you 'killed' 3 times before. That's how confused you are. You have no idea what's going on, as they never give annotations to the actually story [like there is one].
The only decent aspect, was the gravitational factor. Shooting upside down enemies while you're on the side of a building is neat to experience, though it was nothing near amazing to be honest. The mobile gravity pack on your back seems fun as well, but it wasn't anything spectacular either. It's limited use, & all it does for you is makes enemies easy targets for you to hold r1 on.. over.. & over..

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