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Better than what the other reviews say.

posted by ErTh32 (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Jun 29, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

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--<>SPOILER ALERT<>-----
when you read the other reviews you recieve a very negative look on the game. other reviews say that: 1. The Characters lack personality 2. the guns are weak 3. the story-line bounced all over 4. the enemies language is not understandable and 5. too many cutscenes. let me tell you right now that all of those are false.
the first "issue" is that the characters lacked personality, throughout the entire game it is shon how the main character (davis) is a lovng father who would and will give everything to find his daughter the other main character (leo) his davis's partner who has a shady past but has redeemed himself b y becoming a police officer and helping davis to find his daughter.
Another <false> thing is that the guns are weak. Of coarse you are going to have a little trouble killing the guys that are coated in super thick armor, but for these bigger bosses they were desighned to be killed easier with different weapons such as rockets or thrown items. also on the regular lutadores (bad guys) you cant expect to kill their bigish guys bu shooting them in the foot. you have to aim for the head and use the gravity powers to help you. the game was designed to use the gravlink (as the gravity devise is called ) to heavily assist you.
the third "issue" is that the story line wasnt consistant and jumped everywhere. again false if you pay attention they will say that t " we gotta go blank blank blank to kill/ destroy/ get to the blank" its pretty easy to follow.ecept of coarse in some parts its dsigned to leave you stumped to have some dramatic tension.
the enemies are brutes and beasts so why would you expect they would be talking in english to the point where we could understand them. the language they speak is an obviously different language with english integrated into this not only shows their not from earth and it also leaves some degree of whats going on what are they doing and why to leave you wondering. all in all good

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GF Rating


Wasn't worth finishing

posted by AppallingSlinky (LA VISTA, NE) May 5, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

I thought this was confusing and weird. Plot was not good enough to overcome the odd gameplay. Interesting idea with the changes in gravity, but poorly executed.

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Cult game

posted by alexisBeyond (HIALEAH, FL) Jun 3, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

+ Good story
+ Good environment
- Some sounds issues
+/- Voice actors are just not good enough with their characters.

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