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Ok, But Clearly A Derivative

posted by Wizzarino (DULUTH, GA) Oct 27, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

this game is decent, but its obvious, they clearly took a page from gears of war...


-great graphics
-decent story
-easy to learn/play if you enjoy gears of war
-gravity element can be fun at times


-b/c of the feeling you've played this game before, it gets stale fairly easily
-not for you if you don't like the gears of war franchise

to sum it up, its a decent, enjoyable game, but seeing as i'm not a fan of the gears of war franchise, it just wasn't my cup of tea... but i'd say, definitely give it a rent...

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I forced myself through some garbage before...

posted by AidedOnslaught (NEENAH, WI) Oct 19, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

...but I just couldn't with this. I rented it because so many said to ignore the scores. I just can't understand how they feel this is such a good game. It's a great idea that just feels like it was never polished.
I found the aim to be completely terrible, almost like how Uncharted 3 felt before the patch, but worse. Also, the "cut and paste" feel of the game is something that shows this game was rushed. Games like this are why gamefly will never go under.

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Gears of war + powers

posted by ReallyBoredMan (ROCHESTER HILLS, MI) Oct 17, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

After playing this game I can say that this game is basically a bad Gears of War.
Why a bad Gears of War?
The cover system and guns work just like in Gears of War (without the active reload).
The cover system is pretty bad and I find it hard use power/grenades from certain covers
Even on normal you find yourself dying lots of times, and from ways that you don't even know how.
The bosses are not unique, and are repeated. makes it seem kind of boring. And the bosses are just annoying, like use pickup and use grenades or take 15 minuets of shooting someone. You would think that shooting someone does more damage than throwing some objects, but it doesn't.
The whole plot was confusing, and I didn't like the ending.
Its a great thing that I did not buy this game and only rented it. I would have been very disappointed with it.
The only reason I beat this game was so that I could send it back to get another game lol. (which only took 2 days)

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