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Injustice: Gods Among Us


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Very Good

Not bad... but then again

posted by kevin1972002 (RICHMOND, VA) Nov 26, 2013

Member since May 2011

I really had a good time playing through the story mode of Injustice. I love a good beat-em'up like fish love water. Buuuut... it's a little broken.

I didn't really like the button setup, because I'm used to buttons being punches and kicks, not attack and heavy attack. There's more than enough buttons to make that happen.

Plus the movesets... very MKish... and I'm not a fan.

Now here's the turnaround... despite all that, I really liked this game! Not only playing with the heroes, but the villians as well... YES! What every Hero game needs! Plus great writing and voice acting... pulled it all together for me. AND THEN THE STARS MISSIONS!!! A game that trains and challenges you to boot.... I ground my teeth to nothing... smiling all the way! Epic game. Couldn't rate it a 10 though... not enough background cast for me, maybe if there were NPCs or something.

Otherwise, great game. I wanted more when I sent this game back... so I bought it! Got it on ebay for 6 bucks. Some people don't appreciate a good game when they play it...

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GF Rating


Good game, But...

posted by Jermon99 (PITTSBURGH, PA) Nov 15, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

I like the game story, but 2d game just aren't my strong suit!

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GF Rating


No Gods Among Us!

posted by ZBEK37 (LANCASTER, OH) Oct 7, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

At first, this game looks like it will wow your expectations completely, and it does! The graphics are great, the range of characters is amazing, and the transfer from the story clip to the battle is seamless! The thing that just makes me SO ANGRY is that if your a gamer like me (lade back and playing for fun) and you want to go play some online multiplayer, you should just gently set your controller down and walk away. Simple as that. Just walk away. If your feelin lucky, and want to press on, prepare for something to break.
If you play in a ranked match, you are more than likely to play with a player that is at least twice your level. What's even worse is that you can't even effectively block an attack. So basically your getting thrown around by some Major Leauge Gamer that knows nothing more than " beat the juice out of them there noobs". And it won't stop! I haven't found one player who was my level.
Now the controls. Now I have to lay off a little because my controllers are so whacked out that it's a little complicated to play any game. But, when your are trying to do this "Super Effective Combo" that has many different switches and buttons and someone just simply punches you, IT STOPS THE STINKING COMBO! It's so stupid.
The story mode is perfect, I wouldn't change one thing about it, therefore I have no complaints. Personally my favorite thing is that you switch players and basically experience what is going on in their lives.
This is the most rage inducing games I have ever experienced! And I've played a lot of games. The only reason I gave this game a 5 is because of the story and the character greatness.

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