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Where is Marvel Nemisis 2!?

posted by bmc_knows (AUBURN, WA) Apr 17, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

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I enjoyed this game a lot! It definately makes you feel like your playing a movie scene OFTEN! The environmental interactions, speacials, and combat all mix well! To where everything you do makes it feel cinematic. Every hit you make causes the course to fall apart and sometime the backgrounds will interact with you. I find the hazards very fun every time there pulled off on my opponent! I hate it when its done to ME! The graphics are terrible in my opinion! Espeacially since there MUCH WORSE than MKs was. MK looks amazing today...why couldn't this game bring Justice to graphics 2yrs. LATER! I love the roster here. Only problem is that an MK game should always have a MASS ROSTER for a complete package! I do get bored of a few characters and costumes dont do anything. If your going to buy a DC game stick with DC Universe Online as it has great combat too. Infact MUCH BETTER in my opinion. If you cant get DCUO then this game will satisfy your need for a KICK A55 DC game!

However Marvel Nemisis if it came out with its 2nd game. This game here would look like a TECH. DEMO! I like the ALL the INTERACTION bits...but If they make another im expecting it to be on the NEXT GEN. consoles and will expect it to be an OPEN FIGHTER not a side scroller. Listen now! In effect of an OPEN FIGHTER! Ide expect them to enhance the interactions to all the buildings depending on your location. Also ide expect some REALLY COOL 4v4 battles perhaps some capture the Leader or team-battles! It would be great and if the interactions were put into PS4 quality gameplay with all its destruction it can have! That would be a Marvel Nemisis 2 only DC! So ide like it equally considering i like both! :) This game is totally a RENTAL! Its similar to Soul Calibar 5 in the sense of not many combat choices. Im sure FULL ON DC FANS will be rating this 10/10 like its the BEST fighter ever...but a 10/10 in my book means PERFECTION and this certainly CAN get better! I beat the story and the games still fu

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injustice fighting game gone bad

posted by bigdog93 (DAVIS JUNCTION, IL) Apr 20, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

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This so call new injustice among us game its not what i hope it would of been 2 reason. When did dc comics people work with mortal kombat people. why did they go to mortal kombat in the first plac?. In my whole life of a dc comic fan this is the worst game i every played as a fighting game why it so easy one you cant block a attack for a spit second two the fighter moves, heros or villains dont work have the time top that they went with mortal combat the worst fighting game every created till this very day in my opining. In my mind DC COMICS sould done this, they sould of want to Dimps digital innovator that made Dragon ballz games like brust limit budokai 1 to 3 the grapics would like alot better if they went to brust limit or budokai 3 just saying. But you now why they didn't do that because this game is American superhereos. oh yeah i forgot MORTAL COMBAT IT FROM F.ING JAPAN. oh i'm saying i hate this game because they want with dbag mortal combat innovertor that made dc comic agaist mortal combat game that suck too.

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Very Good

So far, so good

posted by KingTRUTH (SMITHFIELD, NC) Aug 9, 2014

Member since Jun 2011

I just started playing it and already I love it. The characters, the super moves, and the maps that you can use to beat the fool out of your opponent. All very good features in my book.

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