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Very Good

Injustice, with a huge side of Batman

posted by Atrolity (FARGO, ND) Aug 31, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

It took a while to get use to this game, mainly because I started skipping some of the more special features in the tutorial because I was in there for about an hour. After that and getting onto the story mode, you will have a blast and learn the things you skipped in the tutorial in time. I wish they added more to the story mode so we did not play just the main characters in the Justice League.
After you are done with the story mode, it is time to do some S.T.A.R. Lab missions, which they have plenty of unlocks to get for completing them, but you could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 hours on a lot of the luck based ones. If it wasn't for the achievement, I would have never touched this part.
The shine is in the multiplayer though, where about one third of the characters are used(which is actually a good thing in a fighting game considering tournaments like eVo where people only choose from about 3 characters) and if you find a fun partner to play with, just stick with him, it is hard to find a good match.
Before I list some more faults, the reason I gave this game an 8 is because the fighting was fun, where you could have a great time, or a time ruined by zoners when they have host online.
Host is not much of a deal in this game, but when it comes down to it, if someone is zoneing you, you could almost never get the inputs to zone them back in time. The game was very buggy when DLC characters are released, where for the next three days you would have to delete your game update and play offline, which was no fun for this game. And what Nether Realms did to early adapters who bought the season pass was a joke. 90% of people bought it for Martian Manhunter, which was not released until after the season pass, while they gave us characters that we did not ask for or want, and almost no one plays as them. We also have to many Batman Characters, which I know he may be one of the most popular DC heroes, but 7 out of 24 characters are from Batman, which is too mu

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GF Rating


Fun while it lasted

posted by TheSolly (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Aug 28, 2013

Member since May 2009

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Injustice. Not being a fan of either DC nor fighting games in particular, I rented it without much expectation. Instead I found myself genuinely having fun.
The story is typical comic book nonsense, but DC has been ever bolder with adult themes in their games. What the story lacks in length it made up for in at least not being pre-teen prattle.
Like most fighters, button mashing will carry you only so far and actually learning the various combos for a given character is usually rewarded with total dominance over anyone that hasn't.
Story mode is just fluff for fighting games anyway and the real meat is in the multiplayer. There is nothing that stands out in the duel mode itself, but Injustice leans heavily on environmental damage making each arena as deadly as punches to the face.
The sheer amount of combos means many have very similar inputs, and often you are rewarded with your character doing exactly the wrong thing. But rarely is any one mistake a complete death sentence as powerful attacks tend to send you flying out of range.
For sheer spectacle, it's a great game. The combat feels limited in dimension, but conveys the kind of impact super powered creatures would pack. Kicking an enemy thru half a dozen walls just feels right for Superman to be able to do.
Fighting games seem to stick to a formula of tiny story modes barely connecting fights, piles of combos, and some franchise that nostalgia keeps pumping life into. Injustice is one of the better games that fits neatly into that paradigm.
Injustice is a solid rental, but unless fighting games are your thing, unlikely that you'll find yourself reaching for the wallet to make a purchase.

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posted by Fergboy20 (LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH) Aug 25, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

This game might be one of the worst fight games i have ever played. The controls are not responsive enemies are super difficult and not to mention some of the achievements are close to impossible. Take my advice and do not get this game.

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