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GF Rating

Very Good

Actually Pretty Fun.

posted by TwystedS7R (SANFORD, FL) Oct 20, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

134 out of 141 gamers (95%) found this review helpful

The first few hours of this game are abysmal. They've probably forced the majority of players to turn this game off in complete disgust and never play it again. I honestly don't blame them. They’re that bad.

However, I saw just enough potential to keep pushing myself forward and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't try to do the same.

Once you get a proper party together you can finally see what the designers were trying to do when they made this game and it’s a heckovalottafun.

I had an absolute blast with this game. Has it been unfairly reviewed? No. Not by the professional reviewers, no. I'd say 3/5 or 6.5/10 scores are fair estimates of the quality. This game is not without its (many) flaws which have already been gone over in some detail by others.

However, if the game initially looked intriguing to you or if you like real time action RPGs in general than you should definitely consider renting this one.

Is it worth buying?
I wouldn't say that, at least not at full price.
I was seriously tempted to Keep It at the Gamefly discounted price, though. I probably would have if there weren't so many new games coming out right now as the game+ dungeon seemed like it would be a fun diversion.

It may not end up being your cup of tea and some of the gameplay design choices may turn you off (I almost threw my controller more than a few times and I’m sure I kept my wife up with my cursing while I was beating this last night), but it also may just surprise you. It sure surprised me. I suggest taking a chance on this one.

A last thought: I noticed a lot of reviewers seemed to really like the bear, but I really didn’t. No, did not like the bear at all.

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GF Rating


Should have stayed "undiscovered"

posted by MidXIII (SPRINGFIELD, PA) Sep 6, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

184 out of 229 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

I've seen many RPG's from the time of NES and on, and so far Square has rarely let me down, but this time they did. I have to say that this game is definitely weak.
One of the biggest issues is play control, everything has boiled down to mainly 2 buttons, A and B. Use them in the standard AAB, AAAB, etc. to pull off combos. While this works well in games like Dynasty Warriors, it doesnt here. The reason is, that in this game there are inventory screens, combo equip screens, and other characters to control all in REAL TIME! There is just simply too much here to manage efficiently, ESPECIALLY in big boss fights.
For example:
In the first part of the game you are being chased up stairs by an Ogre, you need to unsheath your sword, destroy barriers or men, sheath it again just to "examine" a treasure chest then press "A" open it, grab the item and keep running, because you cant kill the Ogre, you can only run from him. There are explosive barrels placed that your party member can shoot, but in order to do that you have to hold RB then X to select that character then hit X again to select that characters special, then AIM character to shoot at the barrel to blow it up. AGAIN all while being chased in real time. Sound like a lot... it IS!
The game further goes into a HUGE pet peve of mine, voice acting. In this day and age ALL RPG's should be voice acted, theres no reason not too, the games are now on DVD's and there's plenty of room. What makes this game even worse is that there IS English voice acting in the cut scenes but then subtitles for the rest of the game. HOWEVER, the Japanese version is FULL voice acting. Which means Square cut corners. Thats just lazy in my book. Especially considering the price that games are now!

There are too many menus and options to navigate in real time which makes this far more complicated then it should be in what is basically a hack and slash RPG. Rent it if you want, but this game is fair at best.

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GF Rating


An overall decent game, could have been better.

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Oct 7, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Mar 2008

34 out of 43 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

I.U. had the potential to be a fully robust RPG, but several flaws marred it's shine. The graphics are very good, nice and clean textures and models. The cut scenes are well rendered as well. The overall visuals are excellent. There are also may items to find, as well as create. You can make things like weapons, potions, food, etc. A good concept, except finding the ingredients to make these takes a bit of work. Monsters don't always drop items, and finding them in the world is a bit of a chore. You get a wide variety of characters to choose from, although some you can't add to your main party. All of them gain experience even if they aren't in your main party. Each had their own abilities like picking locks or making food or potions. Unfortunately, in order to use them, they either have to be in your party while wandering outside of town, or you have to connect with them. Meaning you have to find them, and choose them. You can then use their abilities. This is a huge pain because they are always scattered about, finding them is a pain, and if you select another character, the one your connected to runs off. All in all, this is a chore. The outside maps are rather large and empty, a few monsters here and there, and maybe some chests strewn about, but nothing that makes you want to explore every inch of the map. It's also very linear, you can't go off and explore parts of the world whenever you want, so that feel of a true RPG just isn't there. Everything is also done in real time which is a hassle. Trying to access items or equipment during a battle is almost impossible and can get very aggravating. Overall, worth a rent, but not a buy.

Graphics & cut scenes.
Weapons and item creation
Multitude of characters.

Real time item selection
Large, empty maps.
Sparse save points.

Nothing notable.

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