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posted by StratMan (MIAMI, FL) Mar 23, 2010

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Gamespot and IGN are spot on in their review but I feel this game deserves more of an 8 rating than 7 or less. So far no other space game with ships or fleets comes close. This game reminds me of the PC title "Rules of Engagement 2" some years ago (minus the shield details). The micromanagement level is immense. Building ships, adding components, everything is left to the user. But save often and and different intervals as you will lose and get challenged. They did however offer more than two save slots so doing so is easy. I love the idea that this game is more than rocks, paper, scissors. A strategy and perfect timing is required when attacking or dodging. I have only a few hours in the game but I am enthralled enough to keep it at home for another week and possibly purchase it.

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Suikoden in Space

posted by IllogicalJ (BROOKLYN, NY) Mar 24, 2010

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Infinite Space is a game of big things, mundane things, and micro things. The story and world are vast; the menu systems and exploration are mundane, and there's a ton of ill-explained micro-managing to do. Despite a complete lack of balance (save often), these things are addictive and enjoyable, once you figure out the Rock-Scissors-Paper melee battles (ala Suikoden I & II) and the timing required for the random-encounter spaceships. You see, while both are repetitive, customizing your ship makes it less so, giving you access to more in-battle commands (options), and increasing the speed at which your Battle Gauge (ATB, really) activates.

If you don't mind grinding for cash, and you're good at the Tetris-style method of adding (customizing) rooms on your various ships, you'll get the hang of this quickly. And grinding's not even that difficult, considering that you'll be trekking all over the galaxy looking to recruit (Suikoden, again) a large cast of optional and missable characters.

Because Infinite Space is so original, its imperfections are forgivable, but here's hoping that they smooth things out for a sequel--to me, this does what Star Ocean was never able to do: make a true sci-fi RPG.

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posted by Crell77 (DELTA, CO) Oct 29, 2012

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Positively the worst battle system ever, the story crawls along and the town system sucks, don't bother renting this trash.

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