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Absolutely breathtaking.

posted by Alhazred (PITTSFIELD, MA) Jun 2, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

inFAMOUS suffers from a few polishing problems; NPCs don't always move well, and interaction between characters is often stiff and lacking in emotion or any sense of choreography. Cole is passable here because the player still controls him during dialog, much like the player retains control during dialog in Half Life 2. The exception is Kessler; if time and money constraints kept them from having a cinematic feel for all of the plot, they undoubtedly put all they had into making their villain unnerving in every way possible, from his voice to the way he moves to his facial expressions.

With this out of the way, the game is, by far, exemplary. Empire City is smaller than it's supposed to be (in real size instead of what's said in the fluff, it's about a third the size of Liberty City) but you never feel boxed in or like the game is ripping you off in explorability. Cole's powers are a sight to behold whether good or evil, and he controls fluidly; the much maligned "auto-sticking" when jumping near climbable surfaces is, in the long run, a good thing; it lets you take risks, and it lets you continue your movement without interrupting the flow to make sure you've got some distracting, frustrating angle matched up just right.

The storyline is one of the most clever, well-played plots in videogames, comics or even movies in, easily, the last year. The writers clearly know a cliche when they see one, and when they use them, it's never in the way you expect. The karma system largely effects Cole's growth as a character instead of the plot at large, and your mileage may vary with this. For some, it's pointless, for others, it makes the karma system far less ridiculous than it is in most games. The twist at the end is a blatant hook for a sequel, but not in a bad way, and a second playthrough will have you noticing all manner of little details that have been suggesting the ending the entire time. It's certainly an interesting take on the usual Hero Vs Villain dynamic.

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An urban Greek Tragedy

posted by roninpoe (LA CRESCENTA, CA) Jun 1, 2009

Member since May 2005

On the surface, Sony's Infamous is a superhero game in an openworld setting fighting all the baddies Empire City has to offer. Going deeper, Infamous has a true Greek tragedy theme to its storyline that is well-written and constantly challenging/enticing the gamer to pick the good or evil side even after the gamer had already done so. A sense of inner struggle similar to what it's main character, Cole Jones, constantly battles with throughout the entire adventure is one of the many layers Infamous succeeds in.

The game itself has plenty of action, exploring, missions, and side missions to offer. Graphics and sound are top-notch. Animations are fluid, and gameplay is solid almost throughout. Each of Cole's powers has a true purpose in the game and will require a bit of mastering which will prove crucial in the latter events of the game. Learning to combine each of Cole's powers and abilities is quite satisfyingly devastating.

About the only area the game suffers from is the lack of types of side missions. All three islands share similar side missions which is unfortunate and surprising considering the amount of effort was put into the storyline and just about everything else in the game.

Overall, Infamous will certainly not disappoint. It will keep you glued as each completed mission and each island on Empire City lead you closer and closer to the very end where the shocking answer is finally revealed.

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posted by fardog (ALGONQUIN, IL) Jun 1, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

this game is really awesome i love the flexibility you have and the karma choices are awesome. i love the electricity changing colors by your karma. one bad thing though is that the enemy is really good and they have crazy powers. if you arent a hardcore gamer like me this game would be really hard for you. i mean though who doesn't like a challlenge though right?

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